Chapter 851: He Has Autism!

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Chapter 851: He Has Autism!

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Ning Xi felt a little better after embarrassing Guan Zhichen.

The so-called genius Guan Zhichen was not satisfied, so he gave Little Treasure another few more difficult questions, but in the end, Little Treasure was able to solve all of them…

The people who were surrounding Guan Zhichen now gathered around Little Treasure, some even trying to touch him to get some "smart aura" from him, which made Ning Xi speechless.

Surprisingly, Little Treasure was patient today. He remained calm even when the crowd was being noisy around him, just looking really cute to everyone else.

He only had eyes for his mother when she was holding his hand. It did not matter if the crowd got even rowdier.

"I didn’t expect Little Treasure to be this good!"

"People say that boys who’re good at maths are charming, but he’s awesome!"

"I feel like pinching his cheeks! He looks so cute!"

Little Treasure suddenly gained himself a lot of fans, some trying to be his godmother, some even intending to set up a marriage with their children.

Suddenly, Guan Zhichen was totally ignored. All the praises and envious gazes that were supposed to be his were now stolen away by this little kid. The boy’s expression darkened…

As everyone was surrounding the little bun, he suddenly spoke up, "I read from a book and it says that children with autism are usually gifted in certain aspects, now I realize that it’s true!"

Guan Zhichen’s voice was loud and almost everyone heard what he said. The atmosphere chilled down instantly, making everyone feel awkward.

Ning Xi squinted her eyes. Lu Chongshan felt like someone just slapped him in the face, his contented expression now frozen.

Yet, this kid was Guan Rui’s most precious grandson, so no matter how angry he was, there was nothing he could do…

Guan Rui and Guan Ziyao’s expression changed instantly. Guan Ziyao rushed over and pulled him over, scolding him in a harsh tone, "Zhichen! What are you talking about?!"

Guan Rui’s expression was serious as well. "Zhichen, apologize to him! Where did you hear about all this nonsense!?"

It was not a thing to be proud of. Talking to Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi about it in private was done out of concern, but airing it like dirty laundry in public was an obvious act of destroying the relationship with the Lus.

Moreover, it was Lu Chongshan’s deepest scar…

Guan Zhichen had never felt this embarrassed before, and had never been scolded by his grandfather and aunt in public, so he was frustrated.

The book wrote it that way and this kid had autism, so what did he do wrong?

Guan Zhichen continued talking loudly, "I’m not talking nonsense, he has autism! If not, why does he not talk!? Why does he need a servant to speak up for him!?"

Guan Zhichen lost control of his emotions, creating more awkwardness. Everyone looked at each other and no one knew what to say. No one expected things to escalate this way. Guan Zhichen had just revealed the skeleton in the Lu family's closet today…

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