Chapter 954 - A Clarification

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Chapter 954: A Clarification

“I’ve been through this kind of thing a lot. Actually, I’m used to it. I can treat it with a normal attitude. I’ve never felt that any role had to be mine.”

“However, I’ve already been on set for ten scenes, but I was suddenly told that there was no need to shoot anymore because someone would replace me. I’ve never encountered such a thing before.”

“I asked at that time why I was suddenly replaced. What was wrong with my performance? I didn’t dare to say how good my acting was, but I still passed the test. I graduated from the National Cinematic University (NCU) with excellent grades.”

“Of course, no one in the crew answered my question. They only said that there was a more suitable candidate than me. And this candidate was Yuan Keqing. I knew it when I was still in the production team, it was not it afterwards. Before I could pack up and leave, Yuan Keqing had already arrived at the production team. The makeup artist only removed my hair. Before I could remove my makeup, he went to do Yuan Keqing’s makeup and hair.”

“So, did Yuan Keqing steal my role? Yes! Did Yuan Keqing bring any funding into the production team? I’m not sure about that. Was I disqualified because of my bad acting skills? No! Even if my acting skills are really bad, I’m still better than Yuan Keqing!”

“After this incident, my manager received a call from Yuan Keqing’s manager,” Guo Saisai thought. Since he had already stood up to speak, she might make the clearest statement and avenge herself.

Moreover, she also knew that Tan Mo must have had a grudge against Yuan Keqing to come to her for this matter.

Perhaps, that “I’m an alternate account, don’t ask” was found by Tan Mo.

Since that was the case, so what if she completely sided with Tan Mo?

Anyway, she was going to join Tan Mo’s crew.

She might as well build a good relationship with Tan Mo and try her best to get her permanent role in Broken Continent with her own efforts.

Now, she would tell everything she knew, without any secrets or scruples, and completely beat Yuan Keqing to “death”.

It could be considered as her pledge of allegiance to Tan Mo.

Since she was destined to fall out with Yuan Keqing.

At this time, if she concealed something for Yuan Keqing, she would not be grateful.

“Yuan Keqing’s manager asked me to come out and say that the matter of Yuan Keqing stealing my role was a lie. She also said that if I cooperated with Yuan Keqing, she could give me another drama and let me act as the second female lead who has a heavy role,” Guo Saisai said in the article, “But I refused.”

“I can find the role myself. I’ve been in the industry for so many years. As long as it’s my part, I will earnestly complete it and do my job as an actor. I still have a reputation.”. Although I never thought of agreeing to Yuan Keqing’s conditions, due to my distrust of Yuan Keqing’s character, my manager carefully asked about the script, role and director that they were going to offering me.”

“But faced with these questions from my manager, Yuan Keqing’s manager couldn’t answer them all,” Guo Saisai said, “How is she really going to introduce me to a drama? She’s just trying to trick me to come out first and tell everyone that Yuan Keqing didn’t steal my role. After she’s fine, does she still care if I have a drama to act or not?”

“Besides, even if she did introduce me to her, I wouldn’t agree to it. She stole my role and kicked me out of the production team. In the end, she still wants me to cover for her. What right does she have!” Guo Saisai said, “Today, I have to say everything. If Yuan Keqing can ban me, then let her ban me! At the same time, let the netizens see her face!”

“If I didn’t provoke her, then she came to steal my role. After stealing my role, she asked me to speak up for her. If I didn’t agree, then she would ban me. Who did I provoke?” Guo Saisai said, “If I really don’t have any scenes in the future and don’t appear on the screen again, then I might have been banned by Yuan Keqing. Please remember what I said today.”

“If I can still meet everyone on the screen and luckily don’t get banned by her, then I have to thank all the people who support me.”

“Yours sincerely, Guo Saisai.”

The netizens were very patient as they finished reading Guo Saisai’s long article.

“Now that Guo Saisai has made clarification, what else could Yuan Keqing say?”

“Awesome. A newbie who has never acted before can directly snatch the role.”

“She brought money into the group. If she has money, she can do whatever she wants. The actors who don’t have a backer can only suffer.”

“Someone leaked the news first this time, so Guo Saisai came out. In addition, Yuan Keqing wanted Guo Saisai to speak up for her after being bullied. That’s why Guo Saisai came out directly to make clarification.”

“Yeah, if no one leaked the news, Guo Saisai would probably suffer this loss. After all, there were many such things in the showbiz. The actors who did not have a backer, could only shrink their neck and admit it. If she dared to come out and say it directly, she was also afraid that Yuan Keqing would use tricks to trip her up. If Yuan Keqing could snatch one of her roles, she could snatch other roles from her. To put it bluntly, Yuan Keqing could not snatch roles from any big shot, but snatching Guo Sai’s role was quite easy.”

When Yuan Keqing and Meng Fanzhen went on Weibo to see how things had developed, they saw that Guo Saisai had become a trending topic.

[ Guo Saisai’s response on being snatched a role. ]

Yuan Keqing was puzzled. Guo Saisai hadn’t replied to her yet. Why did she post on Weibo first?

She didn’t know what Guo Saisai had said.

Yuan Keqing felt that there was a high chance that Guo Saisai wouldn’t reject her.

Guo Saisai either remained silent or spoke up for her.

If she came out to make a clarification, it wouldn’t benefit herself.

If she could snatch Guo Saisai’s role once, she could snatch it again and again in the future.

She disdained acting as the second female lead. In exchange, she could let someone else act and gain some benefits for herself.

Yuan Keqing clicked on this hot search to see what Guo Saisai Sai had said with such a confident attitude..

But when she finished reading it, she was in a bad mood.

Yuan Keqing hurriedly contacted Meng Fanzhen. “How did you discuss with Guo Saisai? Look at what she said on Weibo!”

Meng Fanzhen wanted to ridicule Yuan Keqing.

“I told her according to what you said,” Meng Fanzhen said, “Her manager even asked me. Just like what Guo Saisai said in the article, she asked what drama, role, and director we were going to give her. Weren’t you going to made an empty…”

Meng Fanzhen hurriedly swallowed the “empty promise” that she was about to say and changed her words. “Weren’t you going to make a wish for her first? So you didn’t arrange what script you were going to give her.”

“I can only say that it’s not easy to find a good script now. It’s impossible to take it out immediately, but as long as there’s a good script, I’ll give it to her. I guess they don’t believe me and think that you’re lying to them.”

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