Chapter 2508: Get Lost!

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Chapter 2508: Get Lost!

The crimson land was the reason the Blood Plains had managed to get its name. When the breeze swept through the lands, the blood-red grass swayed and a magnificent scene was visible. The plains rippled like waves travelling through a scarlet ocean, and a weird stench worse than the smell of blood filled the lands.

Lin Xiaoying was obviously unable to adapt to the smell as she scrunched her face up into a ball.

“What’s wrong?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“I’m fine!” Lin Xiaoying forced a smile and continued, “I’m not a spoiled brat!”

As he nodded slowly, Huang Xiaolong led her deeper into the Blood Plains.

Even though the Blood Plains wasn’t as dangerous as the Burial Ground, it was still a forbidden region in the Ghost Devil City. Huang Xiaolong didn’t dare to be careless as he scouted the area with his holy souls.

Before long, they ran into a group of ghost devils.

That was right, they ran into a group!

In the other regions in the city, ghost devils would attack intruders alone, and they usually moved about like solitary wolves. However, the ghost devils in the Blood Plains were different. They moved about in groups and they seemed to form their own tribes. They were also the reason the Blood Plains could be classified as a forbidden region.

If they ran into several dozen ghost devils, things would get troublesome. Of course, that only applied if they ran into anything under the First Heaven True Saint Realm ghost devils. If they ran into a group of First Heaven True Saint Realm ghost devils, even Huang Xiaolong would have to retreat.

When they ran into the group of ghost devils, Huang Xiaolong decided to form an alliance with Lin Xiaoying. She would deal with those she could, and he would deal with the rest.

When they entered the Blood Plains, Huang Xiaolong had already arrived at the 3rd position. He had overtaken Li Chen, who used to sit on the third rank.

The only people, who stood above him on the leaderboard, were Tan Juan and Xie Bufan.

However, Huang Xiaolong was close to catching up to Xie Bufan. Even if he didn’t give it his all, he would be able to surpass Xie Bufan soon.

Two days passed in a flash.

The distance between Huang Xiaolong’s group of two and the blood stele was closing rapidly.

A massive blood stele stood tall in the Blood Plains, and it towered high into the skies. Blood seemed to drip off its edges and it gave off a feeling that it had just been extracted from an ocean of blood. The aura it emitted was equally as terrifying.

Runes filled its surface and no one seemed to understand the meaning behind them.

Disciples of the various ancient races and other superpowers were gathered all around it.

Xiao Lengxue and Su Biqing were the ones closest to it. Bai Buren and She Nanfeng stood close behind.

“Senior Brother Xiao, this blood stele seems off….” Su Biqing frowned and continued, “I can’t seem to scan it with my holy soul!”

Xiao Lengxue nodded slowly. “It’s a little strange. However, the blood stele is unquestionably a supreme artifact. It might even be better than the strongest holy artifact, reaching the level of a dao artifact! The runes seem to be able to draw on a mysterious power. If we can comprehend the runes on the stele, and control the mysterious energy, we will be able to raise our combat abilities to the next level!”

A group of disciples flew over as he spoke.

As soon as they appeared, the disciples who surrounded the stele started to clamor. The new arrivals were those from the Holy Heavens. As for the person who led them, he was Chen Yi, who had brought Huang Xiaolong to the Knowledge Singularity Chamber of Commerce previously.

The reason he had come was clear.

As soon as he arrived, his gaze landed on the blood stele. However, he turned to look at Xiao Lengxue, Su Biqing, Bai Buren, and She Nanfeng, and he hesitated for a second before bringing his group over.

Before they could arrive at the stele, a voice rang through the air. “Stop right there!”

“Su Biqing, what do you mean by this?!” Chen Yi frowned.

A sneer formed on Su Biqing’s face. “I’m doing this to protect you guys. You aren’t strong enough. Those who approach the blood stele will definitely be affected by the devilish aura around it. You should stay where you are if you don’t wish to die.”

Su Biqing was naturally unwilling to allow someone else to try and comprehend the stele. What if the newcomer managed to comprehend the stele? What if he lucked out? As such, he stopped anyone from approaching.

“What if we force our way through?” Chen Yi growled.

“You can try…. Hehehe, but don’t blame me for killing you if you enter a hundred foot radius from the stele.”

Rage bubbled in Chen Yi’s heart, but he couldn’t think of anything else.

A disciple from the Holy Heavens spoke up all of a sudden. “Senior Brother Chen Yi, we’ll form an alliance against him. He can’t stop so many of us.”

The disciple who spoke was at the peak of the Ninth Tribulation Half Saint Realm.

However, the words barely left his lips when Su Biqing reached out and slapped him into the ground. As soon as he landed, his eyes rolled back in their sockets and his body started to decay.

As one of the princes of the Devil Palace, Su Biqing was undoubtedly a monstrous cultivator. Even though he couldn’t compare to Dou Rui, he was still a First Heaven True Saint. How could the half-True Saints from the Holy Heavens stop him?

“Junior Brother Zhao Tong!” Chen Yi and a few other disciples cried.

“Su Biqing, you….” Even though Chen Yi raged in his heart, he could only glare at Su Biqing. He had known Zhao Tong for a long time, and their relationship as martial brothers was strong as could be. However, Su Biqing had killed him with a single slap.

“F*ck off right now. I do not wish to repeat myself. I’m not kidding when I said that I would kill you if you approached the blood stele.”

“Fine! Su Biqing, I challenge you to a battle!” Chen Yi roared, and he soared into the skies. The holy energy around him started to shake as strands of sword qi shot towards Su Biqing.

After forming an unbreakable net in the skies, Chen Yi’s sword qi showed no signs of backing down.

“Eight Desolate Sword Breaker!”

A chilly light flashed in Su Biqing’s eyes. “Since you wish to die, I’ll fulfill your wish!” He charged at Chen Yi the moment he spoke. In an instant, a sea of murky green poison qi filled the air.

The two of them exchanged more than a dozen moves in the blink of an eye, but Chen Yi suffered a miserable defeat as he was sent flying away.

Even though Chen Yi was at the peak of the early-First Heaven True Saint Realm, he was a little weaker than Su Biqing.

“What a joke. You really overestimated yourself when you challenged me. However, you should be proud you managed to take several dozen blows from me.”

After wiping off the blood on his cheeks, Chen Yi rose to his feet with the help of the other disciples. “I will remember the grudge we formed today. In the future, I’ll take my revenge!”

“You won’t get the chance to.” Su Biqing sneered. “Right now, I’ll destroy your physical body! Let’s see how to take revenge?!”

Bai Buren stood at the side as he glanced at Chen Yi. In the Mirage Pavilion, Huang Xiaolong had killed too many disciples of the Holy Lands Alliance. He was more than happy to watch the disciples of the Holy Heavens suffer.

She Nanfeng did the exact same thing.

Right before Su Biqing could destroy Chen Yi’s physical body, someone stared into the distance and screamed, “That… Isn’t that Huang Xiaolong?!”

Everyone froze as they turned to look at the two figures, who were slowly approaching.

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