Chapter 601 - Really?

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Chapter 601 Really?

“Suddenly, the Grand Elder Jiuzhou waved her hand and then the big gale came. The entrance to an alien circle opened…”

In the teahouse, the storyteller talked on and on in a flow of eloquence with an attention-catching block in his hand.

The teahouse was packed with audience most of whom were low-level casual practitioners and mortals. A round of applause burst out when it came to the surprise twists. The owner of the teahouse smiled broadly.

After the holy sects retreated, Ni Sect and Su Jiuzhou…immediately became famous in the world!

Tianjiao Battle let the practitioners in the world see the rising of a new star. But it might fall like a comet soon.

After dozens of holy sects joined forces to destroy Ni Sect but failed, the name, Su Jiuzhou, not only represented the first of Tianjiao List.

It was the real Grand Elder of Holy Ni Sect and the Master of Jiuzhou Region, who was recognized by all practitioners in Qingshui Circle! It was a giant who sat on an equal footing with all Grand elders of holy sects and the masters of the regions!

The glory of the first of Tianjiao List was no longer so important to her. It added brilliance to her present splendor.

Ni Sect…occupied the top four of the Tianjiao List. So, it was Holy Ni Sect now!

The popularity of Jiuzhou Region skyrocketed. Here was the birthplace of the legend of Ni Sect. The stories about Ni Sect and its Grand Elder were the most fascinating. The newly opened teahouses could be found all over Jiuzhou Region.

Although the situation was still not clear, Ni Sect was the first one that could frighten away the combined forces of more than fifty holy sects in tens of thousands of years!

Therefore, there were a lot of casual practitioners who went and sought refuge with Ni Sect. Of course, there were many spies of other sects who mixed into those practitioners.It was a piece of cake for Hua Yan, who practiced Hua Circle and was in Huashen Realm, to distinguish the spies.

However, she did not reveal the identities of the spies. She only followed Su Li’s instructions and approved them of joining the sect. She put a hundred-eyed ghost (a kind of inferior ghost dedicated to surveillance) in each of their shadows.

“In the past, no one could imagine that the most mysterious Jiuzhou Region would be completely unified by a woman!”

There were many practitioners in teahouses who knew the trend of the circle. And only they understood how incredible she was to unify Jiuzhou Region and lead Ni Sect to scare away the holy sects.

During this period of time, Su Li didn’t go anywhere, but practiced in isolation in the sect.

In this Tianjiao Battle, she had gained enough. The Buddhist relics which eliminated her soul gap and the awards of the tests in Shengxian Mountain were all priceless treasures to the outside world. If she made use of them well, the power of Yan Ziye and the others could be highly improved.

“The power of Yan Ziye and Ling Qinglan have just been promoted to the late phase of the nature’s test due to the luck of Tianjiao Battle. After a while, it is easy for them to improve their realms from the nature’s test to Dacheng Realm. But it is hard to perceive the region. A Junior Emperor who has no region is of little value…”

Thinking of this, Su Li packed away the treasures one by one into the universe ring, but only left a jade slip that looked a little tattered.

Su Li’s eyes narrowed faintly. The biggest gain from this trip was this jade slip.

Practice Secrets of Lin Family—Lin Chen

She didn’t know who Lin Chen was. Lin Chen had an extremely deep comprehension and analysis to Suiyu Tactics!

Su Li only read it once and was deeply attracted by the detailed description in it. She understood Suiyu Tactics a lot in such a short time. Without seeing the explanation about breaking through the third hurdle of Suiyu Tactics,she naturally understood how to do that.

“It turns out that everything about Suiyu Tacticsis attributed to the jade energy. Lin Chen wrote every change in the body every minute in detail. Is it possible that she has practiced to the highest hurdle? Or…is she the creator of this mental method?”

Light flashed through Su Li’s eyes. Then she stopped thinking.

Thinking more wouldn’t help her. Moreover, she still had many other things to do. Maybe she could break through the third hurdle of Suiyu Tactics and do that thing at the same time…

She stopped the water clock next to her when she left.

“I just took another look at the book, and half a month has passed…”

Su Li sighed inwardly and waved her sleeve to open the gate of the cave. Then she floated into the hall. When she stepped onto the ground of the hall, she paused.

“Deputy Lord Li, listen to me. I really know Immortal Sister. I…!”

Li Hai looked at Su Buwang indifferently, “I have driven away thousands of casual practitioners who have spoken the same words as you in the past few days. For the sake of your good cultivation, I recognize you as one of the disciples of the sect. But you want to see Grand…?”

Li Hai stared quizzically at Su Buwang, who was smiling wryly, and then deepened his voice subconsciously, “Do you really know the Grand Elder?”

“I’m talking about it all the time. We’ve known each other for a long time!”

Su Buwang felt helpless and tired. Why was there still someone who did not believe that he was telling the truth?


Li Hai coughed awkwardly, waving his hand, “The Grand Elder wants you to go to the top of Zuowang Mountain.”

“Really! Does Sister finish her practice in isolation?!”

Su Buwang was surprised and delighted at once. Then he rushed out of the hall without saying a word.

Seeing that Su Buwang was excited, Li Hai shook his head speechlessly. Thinking of something, he gave a smile and followed him out of the hall. He passed through a newly renovated corridor to Nuanxin Pavilion.

He and Mo Qin’s injuries had been healed earlier. Honored Master seemed to have acquiesced in them living in this place. She arranged the medical circle practitioners to another place.

“Deputy Lord Li, you have time to come back today!”

Hearing the footsteps, Qi Chen, who had just experienced the tests, showed up and laughed,


Li Hai smiled and the wrinkles on his face unfolded. Only being here could he truly put off all pretense and relax completely.

Not long after, Mo Qin, dressed simple and elegant, came out. She threw her arms around Li Hai’s arm with a look of concern, “Welcome back. Come in and rest. Chen, make tea!”

Qi Chen chuckled, “Then I don’t disturbyou.”

After speaking, he immediately left Nuanxin Pavilion.

“That brat is getting more and more naughty. He dares to joke about us.”

Li Hai shook his head and chuckled. Then he looked around, “Where is Beixiao Liang?”

“He and his fellow practitioners went to explore a cultivation relic. They haven’t returned yet.”

Mo Qin explained, quietly looking at Li Hai’s side face. She enjoyed looking at him.

It had been nearly two years since Yuxu Sect was destroyed. But the relationship between them seemed to have progressed rapidly.

“This kid puts too much pressure on himself.”

Li Hai sighed lightly. He understood why Beixiao Liang did that. Only after experiencing the pain of losing did Beixiao Liang understand how important it was to be strong enough to control his own destiny.

So did Li Hai.

However, now he wasn’t at the age when he needed to rely on the tests to enrich his experience. With the secret medicine specially made by Honored Master, his current speed of practice was almost the same as that of Beixiao Liang outside now.

“Beixiao Liang is not young any more. They all have their own ways of living.”

Mo Qin lowered her head and gently stroked Li Hai’s rough palm, “Yuxu Sect was shattered back then, and I thought everything was over. Being forced to stay here, I felt aggrieved. I’m not optimistic… Ni Sect is not reliable. I am afraid that one day the secret of Jiuzhou Region will be discovered by the holy sects and then Ni Sect will be ruined.”

Li Hai smiled, “You underestimate Honored Master. She is meticulous and wise as a prodigy. As you said, it was an improvised makeshift that we stayed in Ni Sect. I have secretly planned to get you out of here. But later… I gave up that idea.”

Li Hai held Mo Qin tightly, enjoying this moment.

“Honored Master is young, but her cultivation and mind state are…very strong! She is cruel to the enemy, but nice to the people on her own side. If she finds a traitor, she will not give consideration to the former relationship and punish the traitor with the harshest method. She is very experienced in dealing with the big shots. Facing the Lord of Shengtian Shrine and the Master of Chimo Circle, she talked cheerfully and humorously with them and took them coolly.

Because of this Grand Elder, I decided not to leave. Ni Sect is the only place where I can feel warm and we can be totally relaxed.”

After Mo Qin heard it, her eyes misted over. She smiled and sighed, “As a woman, I admire Su Jiuzhou very much. Anyone is a blank sheet from his birth. It’s hard to imagine what she went through before…”

Su Buwangrushed to the top of Zuowang Mountain. Then he saw a beautiful scene.

Ni Sect was a place where spring stayed and flowers and plants flourished!

Zuowang Mountain was the most suitable location for viewing from a high place.

At this moment, there were delicacies placed on the round table on the top of Zuowang Mountain. The black gauze was thrown on the stone bed. But it didn’t move in the wind.

On the stone bed, Su Li sat cross-legged with a hemline covering the lower part of her body. She rested her chin on one hand, and held a cup of wine in the other. She looked at the verdant mountain silently with glassy eyes.

The first rays of the morning sun dyed her eyelashes golden red. It seemed that as if they were blazing sparks.

Her long black hair tumbled in a cascade down her back.

Su Buwang was fascinated by her. After a while, he came to his senses and couldn’t help taking out a Fenguang stone from the universe ring…

“What are you doing?”

Su Li turned her head suddenly, staring at Su Buwang with pure black eyes. It seemed there were stars twinkling in her eyes.

Su Buwang hurriedly put away the Fenguang stone and giggled, “Sister, you are so pretty!”

Su Li raised her brows slightly, “What are you hiding in the universe ring?”

“Nothing, Sister. I wasn’t hiding anything!”

Su Buwang immediately came up to Su Li and sat opposite her with a guilty conscience. He looked sidelong at the other place and casually changed the subject, “Sister, you are so gorgeous right now. If my mother is beautiful like you, I will be on cloud nine!”

Su Li was taken aback. She was silent for a moment and then asked, “Really?”

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