Chapter 101 - You Shouldn’t Be Alive

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Chapter 101: You Shouldn’t Be Alive

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This couldn’t be true, but it was as true as could be.

“Did I do something wrong?” She lifted her head and stared straight at Chu Lui’s expressionless face. What did she do so wrong that he would treat her like this? Were those happy days they shared really true?

Was it true?

“You’re didn’t do anything wrong.” Chu Lui hugged the woman in his arms tight again, and Li Manni widened her eyes, feeling a little out of place as she already realized who this woman was.

Chu Lui’s wife. She was the third-party who ruined their marriage, but she really was unable to leave Chu Lui. She loved him, she really did.

Chu Lui had also noticed the guilt in Li Manni’s eyes, and his extremely black eyes filled with ruthlessness in an instant.

“You didn’t do anything.” He smiled icily, repeating his words to Xia Ruoxin. “Your existence itself is a mistake. You shouldn’t be alive in the first place.”

Xia Ruoxin took a step back, her eyes wide, unable to believe what she saw and heard before her. Was this really the Chu Lui who shared the same bed with her? Was this really the Chu Lui who would give her Chinese bellflowers and bid for an exorbitant necklace for her?

What did he say? She should not be alive—should not exist?

She shook her head continuously, not a trace of anger on her face anymore. It was as if all her life force disappeared at this moment, and she was only left with that single statement. Was she really not supposed to be alive?

“Get out!” Chu Lui threw more documents at her, and they all hit her face. She stared miserably at him but realized that his eyes hold no feelings for her, only coldness other than darkness, only disdain other than heartlessness. She soon walked out, leaving step-by-step.

The air seemed so heavy she could hardly breathe. She blinked lightly but realized that this time, she had no more tears.

It did not mean that she wasn’t hurting because there were no tears. It did not mean that she wasn’t sad because she wasn’t crying. Crying without tears hurt the most.

She did not even know how she left the place. When the secretary saw the blood on Xia Ruoxin’s face, she covered her mouth.

She was bleeding. Was it the president who hit her? Finally, the door closed with a ‘ping’ and separated the two people from different worlds, one lost and miserable, one cold and heartless.

Chu Lui’s office returned to its original quiet state. “I’m sorry. That must have scared you.” He put his hand on Li Manni’s face again, his expression unusually calm and his voice slightly indiscernible.

He lowered his head again to kiss the woman in his arms, but he realized that the taste was wrong. It really tasted wrong, but he did not let go. Once he decided on something, he would not change his mind.

Li Manni accepted his sudden passionate kiss passively. It was almost painful, and her pain lasted for a short while.

It was as if there was something wrong, but both of them did not want to admit it.

Chu Lui lingered lightly at the tip of her tongue, but his mind flashed with the image of the crying face all of a sudden. His vision was painted with a flash of red, and his heart became heavier.

The elevator door opened again, and Du Jingtang straightened his posture. When he saw Xia Ruoxin walk out of the elevator, he walked towards her in a hurry. He looked at the wound on her forehead and took a few pieces of tissue from his pocket, pressing them against her forehead to stop the blood. The woman just accepted everything passively like a soulless doll.

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