Chapter 102 - She Didn’t Feel Pain Anymore

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Chapter 102: She Didn’t Feel Pain Anymore

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“You saw it all?” Du Jingtang sighed softly and took her hand, walking towards the door. She should visit the doctor for her injury. It would be such a pity for a woman to have a wound on her face.

Xia Ruoxin raised her head and looked at the man in front of her whom she had only met a few times, dazed. “You deliberately made me see them, didn’t you?” Her voice was quiet and small, fragile to the point of almost vanishing.

Her heart… was actually hurt to the core.

“Yes.” Du Jingtang nodded. “There’s not much difference between finding out earlier and find out later; you’ll find out eventually. Cousin has another woman now, and her name is Li Manni. They met at a banquet.

“Haven’t you realized that she resembles someone?” Du Jingtang said without denial. The whole world knew, but she was still waiting foolishly for a man who did not love her.

Resemble someone? Xia Ruoxin’s face turned even paler. That slightly curved lips, that mischievous and delicate face, and those eyes—all were indeed similar.

Extremely similar.

Xia Yixuan.

He had never forgotten Xia Yixuan. If he wanted a replacement, she could do it, too. If he was willing to, she could become Xia Yixuan—as long as he could love her.

She was left with no love now, but it wasn’t that simple. It was not as if others would give her a chance even if he was willing.

“You realized, right? Cousin loves Xia Yixuan so much; it’s impossible for him to forget her. He just took pity on you.”

Du Jingtang wanted to sigh and reprimand her at the same time. This woman was as stubborn as a mule. Did she really want to go head first into death? They turned again and left. She was bound to die at his cousin’s hands. However, he did not know that what Chu Lui wanted did not stop at this. He really thought light of Chu Lui.

In the hospital, the doctor was treating Xia Ruoxin’s wound. It was not serious, but it still required two stitches. Through it all, she was just dazed—not shouting out in pain, not verbalizing the pain, and not even furrowing her eyebrows.

She was like a log.

That was because her heart was in much more pain than her body.

“Okay, just make sure it doesn’t come into contact with water. However, it might leave a faint scar, but it doesn’t matter. If you don’t wish to have plastic surgery, you can cover it by letting your fringe down.”

“Thank you.” Xia Ruoxin lowered her eyes blandly and touched her forehead with her fingers lightly. It would not heal, huh? It’s forever there.

“Don’t touch it; it’ll hurt.” Du Jingtang grabbed her hand hastily.

He cared about her too much, but there was no helping it. She had made his heart skip a beat at first sight after all. However, after realizing her identity, he became even more worried. He fully understood and was very clear about it; all he was doing now had nothing to do with love. It was just pity.

He sympathized with her, and he pitied her.

“Hurt?” Xia Ruoxin asked Du Jingtang strangely. “You said it hurts, but why can’t I feel it?” She pressed again. It truly did not hurt, probably because she was numb from all the pain.

All of a sudden, Du Jingtang felt his eyes prick a little. Who was the one who stole the radiant smile that should have belonged on her face? Who was the one destroyed all the love in this woman? Who was the one who made a woman unable to feel even pain? He had a feeling that this woman’s soul was being destroyed. Cousin, you’re really heartless, really cruel.

“The pain here will heal. It will just leave a scar, but it can be covered.” Xia Ruoxin said to herself. “What about here?” She placed her hand above her chest. “If I’m wounded here, how do I treat it?”

Her questions made Du Jingtang speechless, unsure of how to answer her.

“I’ll send you back home.” He hesitated but could only say this one sentence. If he stayed any longer, he really would not know how to face her.

His heart really ached for her.

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