Chapter 103 - In a Daze

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Chapter 103: In a Daze

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Xia Ruoxin shook her head and stood up, her hand still against her forehead. “It’s okay, I’ll go home myself.” She headed outside, but after taking a few steps, she turned around and bowed deeply to Du Jingtang.

“Thank you so much for today.”

She said dispiritedly and then walked out like a ghost. Even her footsteps seemed soulless.

She walked outside. The graphite sky seemed to weigh down on her low spirits, and the wind blew relentlessly at her clothes, cold and desolate.

Not long after, it started to drizzle; and most of the people started to seek shelter from the rain. The rain was not heavy, but because of the wind, it made the weather colder.

Xia Ruoxin placed her hand on her face. “It was so cold,” she mumbled to herself subconsciously and then walked into the rain. Raindrops landed on her body, and soon, her clothes were drenched.

When Du Jingtang rushed out of the hospital, he could not see the woman anymore.

He took out his phone in a hurry and dialed a number.

“Hello, cousin. I can’t find cousin-in-law. It’s raining now, and she has a wound on her head. The doctor said it shouldn’t come into contact with water. What should we do?”

The other end of the line was silent, and then an abnormally cold voice said, “Let her be.”

“But cousin, aren’t you worried?” Du Jingtang asked persistently. He did not believe that Chu Lui’s heart was made of stone. She was his wife, not anyone else. Even if he did not have feelings towards her, there should at least be some sense of responsibility.

“She won’t die.” The cold and heartless voice made Du Jingtang’s eyebrows furrow, and he put down the phone in his hand. His heart was really made of stone. Any woman who would fall in love with him was doomed to suffer, and those that were hated by him would end up destroyed.

He walked into the rain, resigned. Fine, if Chu Lui wouldn’t look for her, he—Du Jingtang—would.

“Lui, what’s wrong?” Li Manni sat at one side and asked him quizzically. She placed the freshly brewed coffee in front of Chu Lui.

“Nothing.” Chu Lui let Li Manni sit on his laps and reached his hand out to caress her long hair. It felt nice, but he felt like he liked a softer hair texture more.

“Lui, the woman just now was your wife, right?” Li Manni lowered her eyes, her eyes flashing with some tears.

“I feel like I really shouldn’t do this. I’ve become a bad woman, wrecking your family, and I…”

She wanted to continue, but Chu Lui captured her lips in a flash, swallowing her unsaid words.

“Don’t worry, you have me. I’ll divorce her. Fret not, I’ll let you marry me rightly.” He left her lips, and his hold tightened on the woman in his arms. He would not let his woman suffer in any way. Yixuan was gone, and this woman was the one he should be treasuring—he reminded himself constantly. Otherwise, his heart would be wavered by another scary feeling.

It was a feeling that he never wanted to see.

Li Manni wound her hands around Chu Lui’s waist. She did not know why, but despite what he said, there was still unease in her heart.

She raised her head and saw a disoriented look on the man’s handsome face. It was a look she seldom saw on him.

He was overbearing, mature, cold, stubborn, and superior. He could defeat his enemies ruthlessly, effortlessly. He could be cold and heartless, and he could be loveless. However, he should never be in a daze like now.

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