Chapter 104 - Could You Be Kinder?

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Chapter 104: Could You Be Kinder?

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His disorientedness was not because of her—Li Manni, but because of another woman, his wife, the woman called Xia Ruoxin.

She felt a strange sense of danger. Things did not seem as simple as she had thought it was. Did he really not love his wife? Was it really all for revenge?

If that was so, then why did she find a hint of struggle in his eyes, of love, reluctance in hatred, destruction in reluctance?

No, that wouldn’t happen. She immediately denied this idea. He truly loved her; not his ex-wife. He said it was hatred, so it must be hatred.

She hugged his waist more tightly. The two of them were so physically close, but why did she feel like she had never understood him… or entered his heart?

Du Jingtang wiped the rainwater from his face. It was so cold. He stood at a distance, finally spotting the person he was supposed to find. He was only reassured when he saw her silhouette enter a two-story villa.

Okay, time to head back. He felt like he was too free, leaving his nice office and a hot cup of tea to follow a woman in the rain for an hour.

“Ah-choo!” He sneezed. He might have caught a cold. He pinched his nose, and it hurt indeed. However, he took another worried glance at Chu Lui’s villa. If a tough man like him was like this, what about her?

He put his hand in his pocket, and when it came into contact with his phone, his fingers tightened around it. After a moment of deliberation, he gave up on the urge to give his cousin a call.

There was no point in calling. He wouldn’t care. He might as well save a little of his phone bills.

He hailed a cab and shuddered heavily again. Damn, it was really too cold.

This rainy season was indeed cold.

He was just about to ask the driver to drive off when he heard his phone ring. He took it out, and it was no one else but his heartless, cruel cousin.

“Has she gone back?” A cold voice spoke out even before Du Jingtang could say hello.

Du Jingtang rolled his eyes. “You’re only asking now? It’s a little too late, isn’t it? You said she wouldn’t die; why are you asking anyway?”

Du Jingtang said a little grumbly, with nothing nice to say.

“Du Jingtang, I’m not arguing with you about the fact that you let her in. Don’t forget, she’s my wife—my woman—and not someone you should be falling for.”

Du Jingtang held the phone away from his ear, his eyebrows furrowed. He really felt like throwing his phone away. “Chu Lui, what kind of person do you think I am? I’m not going to go for a bro’s woman, much less say my cousin’s. I’m not interested in her.” He took a deep breath. He was really angry that he doubted his principles.

He sneezed again. His voiced slightly nasally and realized that his tone was slightly rude, and so he softened his voice.

“She is really pitiful, cousin. Could you just be slightly kinder and stop torturing her? If you don’t love her, let her go.” Du Jingtang rubbed his nose, trying to persuade Chu Lui. “Cousin, I don’t know what meaning your past actions hold, but you shouldn’t treat a woman this cruelly. I’m afraid that you’ll regret it one day.”

Chu Lui just said coldly. “This is none of your business.”

Upon hearing this, Du Jingtang hung up his phone. He was really talkative today.

Chu Lui threw his phone, his lips lifting into a cold smile. “Very well, Du Jingtang, you have the nerves to hang up on me?”

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