Chapter 105 - Irritation

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Chapter 105: Irritation

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“What’s wrong, Chu Lui? Where are we going?” Li Manni was sitting in Chu Lui’s car—looking at the rain outside, and she asked when he hung up the phone.

She deliberately didn’t want to ask about it. She knew who he was asking about in the phone call.

It was not that he didn’t care. He was probably forcing himself not to care.

“I’ll send you back. I have some issues to settle.” Chu Lui said and put down his phone, narrowing his eyes at the rain outside. He could not deceive himself. This was the ending that he wanted, but why was he feeling irritated to the point of wanting to destroy something to satisfy himself?

“Lui, it’s alright if you want to return to where she is. I will give you my blessing.” Li Manni turned around suddenly, beads of tears rolling down her face.

Chu Lui’s eyes darkened, and he reached out to pull her into his embrace. “What are you talking about? It’s impossible between us. I’ll divorce her very soon, don’t worry.” He patted Li Manni’s cheeks softly, pressing his lips onto her forehead, promising her—as well as telling himself.

He would never return to that woman’s side. He hated her to the point of wanting to kill her. Everything that had happened was according to what he wished. Very soon, he would be able to see it.

See the moment the woman pay for everything that she had done.

“Lui, don’t leave me. I won’t be able to live without you.” Li Manni still felt uneasy. The change in his mood was too obvious, unlike when he was around her. She was scared, extremely scared, that he would leave her.

“I won’t leave you.” Chu Lui promised her again, but the moment the words left his mouth, he thought of another face… as pale as snow and deathly transparent.

Without him, she wouldn’t be able to live, too.

He abandoned this thought and patted the back of the woman in his arms lightly, almost as a comforting action but also subconsciously.

“I won’t. I will never leave you, I promise…”

Who knew what this promise meant? In this world, perhaps this kind of promise was the emptiest… and the most fragile of all.

The car started, and Chu Lui sent Li Manni back as he said he would. He then headed towards the villa he had not stepped foot in for a long time. On his journey there, his face was unusually serious. Even his lips, usually pressed together tightly, was pressed tighter that there was no empty space in between that could be found.

The rain outside continued to fall, hitting his car relentlessly and then rolling down to the front of the car to form a small curtain. The rain was not heavy, but it drenched the entire floor… and perhaps a lot of people’s hearts.

The car stopped, and he walked out, standing in the rain and looking at his villa from the outside. He stood there unmoving for a long time as if his legs were rooted to the ground.

He moved his leg, but his heart felt extremely heavy, just like his footsteps. The raindrops landed on him, onto his hair, and then dripped on his face. He moved forward; at last, he pushed the door open.

The door closed with a thud. There was no one in the living room. Xiao Hong was always not around at this time.

He opened the door to the bedroom and stood at the door. Xia Ruoxin was standing at the window, and when she heard the door close, her body flinched before she continued to look outside. White bandage wrapped around her forehead, and Chu Lui knew that it was because of him.

He was unsure of what he was feeling. All he knew what that the moment he saw her, his heart seemed more at ease. He was conflicted the moment she left his office, and at this moment, his mind was set to ease.

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