Chapter 107 - Heaven and Hell

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Chapter 107: Heaven and Hell

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“Do you really never like me, not the slightest bit?” She held Chu Lui’s big hand. She still did not hate it even if this pair of hands had already crushed her.

Not ever?

Her face was filled with such despair; one could not help but be moved by it.

However, Chu Lui would never exist in the midst of all this.

“What about her? Do you like her—love her?” She was holding onto him tightly, not letting go. If she let go, she would never forget how this pair of hands had brought her such agony. Yet she still yearned for it.

The more she loved, the harder it was for her.

“Love?” Chu Lui flung her hand away violently as if she was some kind of virus. “I, Chu Lui, will fall for Xia Yixuan and Li Manni, but… I will never fall for you, Xia Ruoxin.”

He stood towering over her and sneered while she stayed on the floor, crumpled and battered. He had waited for this day to come, for her to go to hell. She had fallen from heaven and straight into hell.

“I will marry Li Manni and make her my future wife. You will remain as the wife of Chu Enterprise’s CEO for a few more days. Enjoy it while you can for the next few days.

“Remember all this. You will never forget it for as long as you live, till you crawl into your coffin.”

As if she had not suffered enough, Chu Lui had to say something like this which devastated her. He was going to divorce her and marry someone else.

He laughed coldly, satisfied when Xia Ruoxin’s face turned paler in an instant. He was happy to see her in misery. Was he, truly? Why did he feel an indescribable sadness which he could not explain? “Ha…” His smile became colder. He should be happy.

As he turned and started walking, he could feel someone holding on tightly to his ankle preventing him from taking another step.

“Let go!” His voice was cold without any warmth as he looked down and saw the woman tugging at his pants. A word from him was enough to freeze one into an icicle.

Xia Ruoxin clenched her fingers and held on tightly as she shook her head. When he flung her hands earlier, they had hit the wall and caused her fingers to become numb. She could not feel anything, but instinctively, she knew she couldn’t let go. All would be lost once she let go.

“I said ‘let go’. Did you hear me?” A warning accompanied by a sneer.

Xia Ruoxin was still shaking her head, refusing. She wouldn’t let go.

“Ah Lui, please don’t go. Don’t leave. I don’t want a divorce. Please don’t marry someone else.” She had loved him without any right, self-worthiness, or soul. He had destroyed her soul with his own bare hands.

She kept shaking her head while holding tightly onto the corner of his pants. She was practically sprawling on the floor, begging for his love. Just a little would do, she’s not asking for a lot.

He could not love her, but all she asked was to let her love him.

“Please… don’t go.” She reached out with the other hand and held onto his pants firmly with both hands. Could he give her one more chance and not marry another?

Could he stop hurting her? She really had nothing to lose.

Big droplets of tears started falling from her eyes as she looked up. They were filled with agony. The rows of tears finally formed a line as they flowed from her already red and swollen eyes.

“I repeat. Let go.” Chu Lui spat the words as he clenched his teeth.

Xia Ruoxin was still shaking her head.

A sudden look of cruelty flashed in Chu Lui’s eyes. He stomped down hard with his other leg.

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