Chapter 111 - Tired as a Dog

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Chapter 111: Tired as a Dog

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She closed her eyes gently. Her fingers were still swollen, and they hurt at the slightest movement, straight to her heart.

She placed the sketchbook to her chest and hugged it, seemingly feeling closer to him. However, she knew that he had never allowed himself to open up to her.

Not even a bit.

Everything was a pretense. A fraud. Why did she feel love and pain?

Her face was pale and white like paper, without any color. Her hand went to her forehead, and she touched the wound gently with her fingers.

It hurt, just a bit. So this was how it feels.

She smiled bitterly. Xia Ruoxin was an ugly duckling. Her father’s not fond of her, and her mother did not love her. Nobody even liked her bald head.

No one loved her, and she should not have survived. Was this what everyone thought? Were they being fair to her?

She had wanted to cry, badly. Then again, she realized she had gotten used to suppressing her cries. Looking ahead, the view in front of her eyes had turned blurry.

So was the portrait that hung on the wall.

If it was possible, she wanted to be Xia Yixuan. However, she was Xia Ruoxin. One who was unloved and loathed by her mother. Little Brother had not loved her even though she had waited decades for him. He hated her.

She placed her hands on her lap, one on top of the other. There were only her left and right hands in her world. Other than that, what else did she have?

In this world, what was perceived as real, and what was a pretense?

She leaned against the bed headboard and hugged herself tight. The temperature on her forehead was higher compared to a normal human being. She was sick, but no one knew… and no one cared.

“Ah Lui, I love you. I really do. Please… don’t leave me…” Although she was half-asleep, she would always dream of the heartless silhouette of that man. No matter how fast she chased, she could never catch up with him.

The hand which she had placed by her side began to tighten. Unknown to her, all she was going to grab onto was more pain and cruelty.

While recently, in the company, Chu Lui has been wearing a stern expression like a machine. The contracts that they have been awarded had increased compared to a month ago. Their sales might have increased, but everyone was exhausted.

The morale was low in every department within the company. Chu Lui was the only one to stay in his office, perusing and analyzing the documents. He was also meticulous during the meetings.

This was why some thought that Chu Lui was not a human but a high-tech robot. Otherwise, how would one survive the workload?

“Deputy, can you please talk to the CEO? If this continues, we really can’t take it anymore. The whole company is working overtime because he is not leaving. Even the cleaning lady is complaining. All of us have a family, and those who are dating have separated. We really can’t take it even if it is just for a few more days.”

A crowd gathered around Du Jingtang while he rubbed his forehead repeatedly. One could vaguely see the red blood vessels under his lower eyelids. It seemed he has not had a good rest for the past few days.

They were tired; so was he.

He was almost as tired as a dog.

He raised his hand. “Lately, it has been quite busy in the company, and everyone has worked hard. Not to worry, it will end soon. You will all be well-rewarded. Please believe that Chu Enterprise will not mistreat its own employees.”

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