Chapter 112 - Constant Low Pressure

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Chapter 112: Constant Low Pressure

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Du Jingtang could only say that to appease the people. If he still kept silent, he was afraid that they would eat him up.

When he finished speaking, they were disappointed; but they could only accept it upon hearing the compensation. After all, they were no boss—just mere employers—and had to abide by everything the president said. His words were law.

If he wanted to work overtime, they had to. If he wanted them to scram, they had to cover themselves with a blanket and roll into a ball.

Rather than saying the Chu Group provided them with jobs, it was more apt to say that the Chu Group was their bread and butter.

Everyone scattered and dispersed to their positions, and Du Jingtang patted his chest, feeling his breathing ease. He would have suffocated to death if they had continued surrounding him.

There was still a pile of documents in his arms. Taking a deep breath, he turned around and took the elevator to the 18th floor.

The elevator stopped, and he walked out, only to see the president’s secretary crying at the door, her shoulders heaving and mascara running down her face.

Was she scolded to the point of tears again? Recently, his cousin’s temper was like a bomb, going off on everyone he met. He only let go when he annihilated his opponents, and even then, he wanted to blast them to smithereens. He wouldn’t even spare Du Jingtang. See, the poor Xiao Ai, who was in the closest proximity to him, was the first unlucky one. The smallest of things not going his way would result in a scolding or a glare.

“Vice president.” Xiao Ai wiped her face in grief. Her makeup was ruined, and she looked like a panda.

The corner of Du Jingtang’s eyes twitched slightly. “Hush, Xiao Ai, don’t cry anymore. You won’t be pretty if you continue crying.” Yet she couldn’t be considered pretty now, especially that her eyeliner formed two black streaks down her face due to her tears.

It was actually pretty funny, but Du Jingtang couldn’t bring himself to laugh. After all, she was crying so devastatingly. He couldn’t possibly laugh.

Xiao Ai nodded frantically, rubbing her tears away roughly with her hands. Instantly, her face looked as if she had put on a black face mask, making Du Jingtang feel as if his eyes were being pierced by needles. He wanted to let her look at her own face, but he felt that it would embarrass her so he decided not to say anything. She would eventually use the washroom or touch up her makeup anyway.

He did not understand why, despite being women, some remained beautiful no matter how much they cried. They were like the Chinese apple flower: the damper it was, the more radiant and glorious it seemed.

For example… Xia Ruoxin. He wondered how she was doing now. He was also uncertain whether his cousin’s mood was because of her or Li Manni. It seemed like she was showing up less frequently now.

He turned around and massaged his forehead. He walked towards the president’s office, resigned. Just like he expected, he felt an incredibly cold gaze cast on him the moment he opened the door.

It pierced him continuously, just like the Pear Blossom Needle Storm 1 .

If it were someone else, they might have been scared to the point where their legs gave way; but Du Jingtang just pursed his lips and entered the office with the documents. In the entire company, he was the one who came here the most and was frequently on the receiving end of his cold stare.

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