Chapter 113 - Thoroughly Destroyed

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Chapter 113: Thoroughly Destroyed

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“Cousin, your document.” He walked closer and placed the file on Chu Lui’s table, and he then sat down by the side. Chu Lui remained silent and scanned the contract quickly like a machine. His expression was evidently much darker than before, and he was much more silent.

He was obviously conveying his anger, and if anyone dared to provoke him, he would choke that person to death.

Du Jingtang let out a sigh. “Cousin, the amount of money you have now is more than enough for your grandchildren to spend. Why are you still working so desperately for?”

“Yes.” The Chu Group was already huge and powerful. In just a few years, it had become a listed transnational corporation. He only knew work but not know to enjoy life, which was an ultimate waste. He was wasting away his expressions, his glory, and his happiness.

“If you’re too free, I can send you on a business trip.” The extremely cold voice made Du Jingtang shut his mouth immediately. By ‘business trip’, he actually meant a trip to a deserted place where no birds defecate, no chicken laid eggs, and no turtles went on-shore. He would rather get killed by Chu Lui’s laser-beam eyes than go there.

“Okay, pretend I didn’t say anything. I still have work to do so I’m leaving.”

Du Jingtang stood up and walked to the door in a hurry as if he was escaping from a crisis. However, when he placed his hand on the door, he hesitated… as if he was about to say something. However, in the end, he still opened the door and left.

He actually wanted to ask about Xia Ruoxin, but he chose to remain silent in the end; he understood his cousin too well. If he accidentally triggered Chu Lui, it would affect not only Du Jingtang but the poor girl as well. He’d rather search for the answer himself directly, which was more convenient and straightforward, than asking him.

The moment the door closed, Chu Lui flung the pen out of his hand, his extremely cold eyes narrowing at the closed door. He placed a hand on his forehead.

He knew his mood was horrible recently. This has never happened before. Even when Yixuan passed away, he was in pain. However, he didn’t let it affect his work… like now. He even made a few careless blunders on some contracts, and he had never committed such a low-level mistake before.

“Manni…” His lips slightly parted and closed, but only he knew that she was not the one he was thinking of. Another tear-streaked face often shocked him awake from his dreams when he slept. He hated that face, and he loathed that woman’s tears.

He pined after one woman, but his lips called for another. He closed his eyes, sinking into the backrest of his seat. His stiff muscles made his body extremely uncomfortable.

“Ruoxin, help me massage my shoulders.” When the words left his mouth, his eyes flew open; and the light in his eyes darkened. He picked up his office phone and dialed.

“Hello. I’m looking for Li Manni. What? She’s not in?”

Chu Lui hung up the phone and crossed his arms in front of his chest. She seemed to be avoiding him and had stopped contacting him since some time ago. This understanding made his temper even worse. She must be the reason his mood was so bad recently.

That was what he thought, but he had overlooked the woman who appeared in his dreams at that time. Maybe deliberately, maybe on purpose.

He rejected any possibility of her entering his body.

He rejected her name, her face, and her everything.

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