Chapter 115 - In Search of Her

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Chapter 115: In Search of Her

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“No one forgave her—not even her parents, for she destroyed someone’s family and ruined a woman’s life. If no one accused her, it would be so unfair to the woman. She would really be pitiful.”

Xiao Jie said and sighed several times. Li Manni’s face was pale and void of color. She clenched the newspaper in her hand and walked into her room.

Xiao Jie just looked at her retreating figure strangely, not understanding what was going on with Li Manni and why she asked such a strange question.

Li Manni closed the door and bowed her head, looking at the newspaper in closer detail. Xiao Jie was absolutely right. The woman in the article was really the daughter of a certain corporation, and she could only stay abroad for the long term now. The scandal even brought shame upon her family.

She rubbed the newspaper tightly in her hands. It was as if she had become the person in the article and was the one being sneered at by the people. She threw down the newspaper immediately and hugged her body tightly. It was too scary. She and Chu Lui met up in secret, and so until now, not many knew about their relationship.

Her father and her mother had just thought that he was a regular man. If they knew that she had fallen for a married man and if their relationship was exposed, she really did not know what would happen to her.

She would always be ashamed for the rest of her life.

Her phone rang suddenly, surprising her and making her shudder. She took out her phone in a hurry. When she saw the telephone number on the screen, she immediately hung up. However, the moment she pressed the button, she regretted instantly. What should she do? What should she do?

Let him go? She couldn’t… because it would hurt.

Don’t let him go? She couldn’t either. She was scared of being mocked.

She loved him dearly, even more so than that woman.

She covered her face. She had never felt so helpless and conflicted in her life.

Chu Lui’s face was dark as he looked at the phone in his hand, and he threw that phone to the side. This woman dared to hang up on him. Did she think that he wouldn’t be able to find her that way? He wanted to protect her and not trouble the people around her, and so he always careful in meeting up with her.

Did she really think that Chu Lui was the kind who would let go easily?

At that point, his heart had no room left for Xia Ruoxin, only Li Manni.

Li Manni fell asleep drowsily, but she was awoken by her ringtone. She opened her eyes in a daze and took the phone on her bed. She had not turned the device off, almost as if she was anticipating some things subconsciously. She warned herself constantly, but she was still unable to leave him.

After much hesitation, she pressed the ‘answer’ button.

“I’m downstairs at your house right now. Do you want to come down, or should I go up?” The cold, hard voice rang from the phone. Li Manni sat up immediately and ran to the window in a hurry, her eyes widening suddenly. The car was his, Chu Lui’s. He didn’t lie to her. He was really here.

She knew that this man always meant what he said, and he would really come up.

No, he couldn’t. She opened the door in a hurry and ran out, forgetting that she was clad in pajamas.

Chu Lui put down the phone and squinted at the door, waiting for Li Manni to come out. He knew that she would definitely come out.

He took a cigarette stick out of his pocket, and very soon, the car was filled with the smell of tobacco.

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