Chapter 151 - Birth

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Chapter 151: Birth

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The pain made her feel like she was being torn apart. It was more serious, more painful than any pain she had felt before. The pain was excruciating.

“Baby, hang on. Don’t let anything happen to you. If not, Mommy will not be able to continue living.”

She lifted her head and grabbed the bed sheets beneath her tightly.

The long eyelashes closed feebly. It hurt… it really hurt.

Broken sounds tore from her lips continuously.

Unbeknownst to her—on the same rainy night she was risking her life to give birth to that man’s child, he was bedding his new bride.

“Lui, I’m scared.” Warm yellow lights landed on the woman’s pale face, a light red blush visible on her face—beautiful and enchanting.

“Don’t be scared. I’ll be gentle. I won’t hurt you.”

Chu Lui lowered his body, extremely careful with his actions to pleasure the young body below him. He placed his hands on Li Manni’s breast and massaged it gently. However, upon contact, he flinched a little. It wasn’t this feeling. No, it really wasn’t.

His body was stiff as he looked down at the women underneath him drowning in pleasure, blooming beautifully. His eyes became hazy unknowingly.

The feminine voice rang, and he pursed his lips, lowering his body and entering a place in her which she had never been violated before. He should cherish a body this pure… and yet he had forgotten how there was once a girl who had given him her own pure body, only to be destroyed by him.

Even though he was already being very gentle, she still felt pain. Was it really painful, or was she acting weak?

Li Manni shrieked and hugged the man above her tightly.

At that moment—in an old and rundown warehouse, a woman’s pitiful screams could be heard, too. It seemed to cut across the curtain of rain and tear the sky apart… and overlapped with Li Manni’s voice.

Chu Lui straightened his body suddenly. He didn’t know what feeling it was, but it felt like a part of his heart was missing. His heart was aching.

“Lui, I’m fine now.” Li Manni bit her lip, unable to withstand his invasion. So this was passion and love, and this was what couples do. It was really embarrassing. She wrapped her arms around Chu Lui’s neck shyly.

Her attitude of no regrets moved Chu Lui’s heart a little. This was how his wife was like.

The sounds of pleasure arising from their passion accompanied the warmth in the room. The rain continued pouring, the night blurry.

The rain outside hit against the window pane. Through the window sills, an affectionate couple could be seen rolling in the sheets in a messy room.

However, in the abandoned warehouse, Xia Ruoxin’s eyelashes fluttered weakly with her arms by her side. Her face was extremely pale and devoid of color, with an occasional sweat rolling down. Her lower body was covered in blood, and between her thighs was a small baby covered in red and eyes closed shut, with her umbilical cord still attached.

The baby let out a few weak cries.

Xia Ruoxin’s hand twitched. She was so tired, and she really wanted to sleep. She bit lightly on her lip, which was already full of wounds. The sharp pain from her lips made her brain a little more awake.

She lowered her eyes and saw her flat belly. She put strength in her fingers, but she realized that other than moving her eyes, she could not do anything else.

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