Chapter 152 - It’s a Girl

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Chapter 152: It’s a Girl

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She exerted strength again and lifted her body slightly, seeing the little fleshy thing by her legs. That’s her child, her baby.

Was he alright?

The rain outside poured from time to time, and the clear sound of the rain on the window could be heard. It rained for a really long time.

She wanted to see her baby, to hug him, and—even more—to know whether it was a he or she.

She didn’t know how she had the strength to do it, but she clutched the bed sheets below her tightly—so tight that her left palm felt a sharp pain.

Finally, she sat up. It felt like this body was no longer her own; she couldn’t even lift a finger.

She lowered her head to look at the little thing. He was so small and extremely cute.

Her gaze shifted down a little. It wasn’t a ‘he’, but a ‘she’. She had given birth to a girl, a small little girl.

She picked the scissors that she had prepared earlier at the side. She always had a feeling that there was a high chance she would go into labor here, and so she had everything prepared.

She cut the umbilical cord on the child carefully and wrapped her in the blanket she had prepared. She carried the little girl in her arms with all her strength. She obviously did not have any strength left, but she could still pick up and cradle her child. Mothers were really amazing.

Her body could no longer budge an inch, but the only thing she wanted to see was her child.

Xia Ruoxin held the child in her arms carefully. She wasn’t heavy, extremely light actually. Her child was destined to be light, about four pounds.

She touched the baby’s soft face lightly. She remembered that the child had cried. Even though she was on the verge of fainting at that point in time, it was the child’s cries that pulled her back to reality.

She kissed her daughter’s small cheeks softly. Newborn babies are always red and have wrinkly skin so it would be impossible to determine if she was beautiful or ugly, but she had already seen a shadow of herself on her daughter’s face. The child moved her small lips slightly as if she wanted to be closer to Xia Ruoxin.

Suddenly, two drops of tears fell onto the child’s face, making her small face wet. The child’s lips tightened, and it looked like she was going to cry soon.

“Good girl, don’t cry. Mommy’s here, hush…” She rocked the baby lightly in her arms, wiping away the teardrops off her face gently. It was all her fault. She shouldn’t have cried; it scared her daughter.

In the rocking of her mother’s arms, the small baby’s eyes fluttered closed with curled eyelashes very much like her mother’s. She fell asleep again.

It was after a very long while when she put down the baby in her arms reluctantly. Actually, she didn’t want to put her down at all—she couldn’t bear it. She wanted to hug her forever like this and not let go.

She was her dearest daughter, her life.

She dragged her extremely fatigued body and got out of bed with difficulty, her entire body aching like hell, especially her left hand and her lower body. Just a small movement would make her body break out in cold sweat due to the pain.

She wanted to just stay put. She didn’t want to move an inch. However, when her eyes landed on the small ball of meat on the small bed again, she just smiled. With her around, nothing else was important. With her around, nothing hurt anymore.

She got off the bed, walked slowly step-by-step, and then boiled some water. Every time she felt like she couldn’t do it anymore, she would take a look at the daughter she risked her life to give birth to. It gave her strength to persevere.

She finally boiled a pot of hot water, which she would be reluctant to use usually. She walked over and picked up the extremely obedient child and kissed her soft cheeks again.

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