Chapter 153 - Sleepless Nights

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Chapter 153: Sleepless Nights

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She unwrapped the blanket from her daughter’s body and carefully put the baby into the hot water. She had already checked the temperature of the water, and it was not hot at all. On such a cold rainy night like this, having a hot bath like this would feel like heaven.

Her baby loved it. Even though her eyes were still shut tightly, her soft lips seemed to rise into a smile slightly. The steam from the water made the baby’s face pinker and softer, and it made Xia Ruoxin’s eyes hazy as well.

Drip. A drop of water landed in the basin, sending waves of ripples out like rainwater splashing on small puddles of water.

After washing the baby’s small body, she wrapped the baby again. She was really a good kid, and Xia Ruoxin had never heard her wail before. Perhaps she knew that her mother was tired and wanted her to rest.

Xia Ruoxin placed the baby on the bed again, and she sobered up herself. Even though the process could be described with pain and suffering—as long as her daughter was alright, all the pain she suffered was worth it.

It was only when she placed everything in order that she returned to the small bed and carried her daughter carefully in her arms. Every look at her daughter caused her eyes to glimmer with tears. Such was life. It was such a magical thing, that the baby she had for nine months was now here, a small little human. She was really small and pretty.

Her fingers softly pinched the little one’s extremely soft fingers, which were practically exclaiming the miracle of life.

She kissed the baby’s soft cheeks again. She closed her eyes, really going to sleep this time. Her face finally had a hint of a smile. She had an angel. She had a little baby.

The night turned cold, and a woman and her new-born baby finally fell asleep.

The warehouse was still old and rundown, but with two people inside, there was extra indescribable warmth now.

However, it still looked humble and pitiful compared to this one luxurious private villa. At that moment, the woman on the bed had already slept from her tiredness; and the man hugged the woman’s shoulders, a cigarette stick between his fingers. Under the shimmering lights, the man’s expression was lost.

It was only when the woman coughed that he reacted. He put the cigarette out with his fingertips, but he let go of the woman in his arms, too.

The man sat up on the bed. He was tired, but he was starting to feel more awake. The woman slept with a sweet expression, but his face—however—held conflict he could not put into words.

He lifted his head. The wedding picture hanging in the room had already changed. It was no longer Yixuan… but her.

He had definitely given her all that he could.

He walked to the window and opened one quietly. The smell of smoke slowly vanished, leaving only a room of fresh air.

He closed the window again, but he grabbed his lighter and half a pack of cigarettes from the drawer and walked out. He closed the door softly and walked out to the balcony alone.

It was ironic, really. He did not sleep on his first wedding night because of hate, but on the second one, there was no hate involved. However, he did not feel like sleeping, and his heart was more frustrated than it was by then.

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