Chapter 155 - Where’s The Baby?

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Chapter 155: Where’s The Baby?

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At that moment, Xia Ruoxin was holding her daughter and teasing her occasionally. She sat by the wooden bedside unmoving; she couldn’t bear to put down the soft body even when her hand was already numb.

The baby in her arms had opened her eyes on the second day she was born. Her round eyes and long, curly eyelashes made her as pretty and cute as her mom.

“Baby, smile for Mommy, okay?” She tapped the baby’s pink lips lightly with her finger. The baby in her arms seemed to have understood her, and the little lips cracked into a smile, the frailness making people feel sorry.

The baby was still young, but surprisingly, she liked to smile a lot. Just a little teasing from Xia Ruoxin would make her laugh.

“Ah, good baby. You’re Mommy’s baby, Mommy’s angel.” She lowered her head and kissed her daughter’s soft cheeks. The baby’s small hand reached out and grabbed her hair, her eyes searching and looking. She had only been in the world for a day, and so she was curious about everything.

She loosened her hand and then tightened it again. Her lips were beautiful like petals, and it was evident that she would be a beauty when she grew older.

“Baby, you must be hungry. Here, Mommy will feed you milk.” She pulled up her shirt and placed her daughter on her lap. The baby began to suck instinctively, and it hurt Xia Ruoxin. She bore through the pain for her baby.

Her baby was really beautiful and obedient.

Her hand supported the baby’s back softly. A mother’s love was inherent. She had never taken care of a child before, but now she was taking very good care of her daughter.

No one knew that she had gone almost a day without food, for she didn’t know how to put down this extremely soft and tender baby. She didn’t want to leave her. She just wanted to hold her small figure.

She really loved her daughter to bits.

“Thump, thump…” The knocks on the door sounded almost like the people outside were going to tear the door down. Xia Ruoxin stood up in a hurry and adjusted her shirt carefully. The baby in her arms had already finished feeding and had fallen asleep again. She laid the blanket on the baby and moved to the door in a flash.

The moment she opened the door, the crowd of people rushed in.

“Ah!” “Ruoxin, you’re alright? Are you really alright?”

“You really scared us to death!”

A crowd of people stood at the door, asking her worriedly. Xia Ruoxin’s eyes turned red, and she shook her head and answered, smiling, “I’m alright. Everything’s fine.”

She was really grateful for them. Without them, she would still be somewhere on the streets, perhaps dead, or maybe a beggar. Chu Lui had cut off all her sources of survival, and without them, she would have already died.

“That’s a relief.” One of the aunts lowered her head, suddenly realizing Xia Ruoxin’s flat stomach. Her finger pointed shakily. “Ruoxin, why is your stomach flat? Your baby… where’s your baby?”

Before Xia Ruoxin could speak, a weak wail came from the warehouse. She was startled and had rushed over immediately to carry her daughter in her arms to cease her cries. She must have been scared and disturbed by the crowd and the noise.

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