Chapter 156 - Life is Tough

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Chapter 156: Life is Tough

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“Hush, everything’s alright. Mommy’s here.” She lifted her daughter’s back carefully. The small baby reached out both her hands and grabbed her clothes in front of her chest. Her cheeks were rosy, and her eyes were red. She seemed just like a small red ball of meat.

“Oh my god, the baby!”

The aunt stared at the baby in Xia Ruoxin’s arms, astonished. That was her baby. How did it just pop out like that?

“Ruoxin, how did you give birth to the baby?” Someone asked. Xia Ruoxin hugged her daughter even closer, still smiling lightly. “I gave birth to her on my own. She’s a girl, and she’s just a day old.

Xia Ruoxin said softly, both her hands holding the baby gently.

“It’s been hard on you, child.” The aunt stared at Xia Ruoxin, feeling sorry for the young girl. She was only about twenty years old, but she was so pitiful. There’s no one to take care of her child. How could she nurse herself after childbirth?

“No, it wasn’t. It doesn’t feel tough if it’s all for her.” Xia Ruoxin shook her head. She really did not feel like she had been through a lot. Even though the little baby did not cause pain enough to kill her, she was willing—she really was. The baby was her life and her reason for living.

“The baby is really cute.” An experienced auntie complimented continuously. Even though the pretty face was still young and tender, the shadow of a beauty could be seen.

This was the first time she had seen such a beautiful baby girl in all her life.

She looked at Xia Ruoxin again. It wasn’t that strange, actually. Xia Ruoxin had always been pretty, and so her daughter would not differ much from her.

“Ruoxin, what’s the child’s name?” The aunty could not turn her eyes away. The baby was too likable.

Xia Ruoxin paused for a moment. It seemed like she had not yet chosen a name for her daughter.

She lifted her head. The rain was just starting to stop, and the smell of rain still lingered in the air.

She coaxed the little thing to sleep again. She was sleeping soundly, and her lips curled up slightly into a smile to reveal her gentle dimples.

“Rainy. I’ll call her Rainy. She’s my little raindrop born on a rainy day.”

She brought her face close to the soft cheeks of the baby, feeling her amazingly soft skin. Rainy, her Rainy.

She could compromise on her rights, but she would definitely not bring any suffering to the baby. She could skip her meals and not drink water, but she would always give the best to her daughter.

However, there would still be times when she would not have the ability to do so.

She hugged her daughter in her arms and kissed her forehead softly. “Rainy, I’m sorry. It’s all because I’m useless.” She closed her eyes, and a transparent teardrop fell on the baby’s soft cheeks.

Maybe it was because the baby was too small, or maybe it was because when she was pregnant, she came into a lot of contact with cold water. Hence, the baby was so frail and weak. She got sick often, and almost all of Xia Ruoxin’s savings were used up. She had also borrowed a large sum of money from a lot of people, and now she did not know how to return the money.

The thing that made her feel most helpless was that her breast milk was insufficient for her daughter. She was hungry now, and yet despite sucking constantly for the milk, not a drop came out.

Waa. She pursed her lips in grievance. Her mother was crying, and she was crying. Droplets of tears flowed down her cheeks, making Xia Ruoxin’s heart ache and her cry harder.

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