Chapter 158 - A Woman’s Vanity

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Chapter 158: A Woman’s Vanity

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She was really doing very well now. Chu Lui answered to her every need and loved her a lot. He gave her whatever she wanted. Her life was filled with happiness every single day.

“Tell me what you want. I’ll buy them all for you.” Chu Lui turned around and reached a hand out onto her hair and grabbed her waist. His black eyes were extremely calm. He looked at the stage, feeling like it was almost yesterday when he brought another woman here.

He said these words before. Whatever she wanted, he would get it for her. She did not want anything. He bought her an expensive necklace anyway, but it wasn’t genuine. He had a motive.

This time, he held no motive towards Li Manni. He just wanted to give her the best of everything. The more he felt like he was going to miss the woman, the better he treated Li Manni.

It seemed as if this was the only way to keep him from thinking. It kept him from remembering.

“Okay.” Li Manni rested her head on top of Chu Lui’s shoulders, but her eyes wandered up to the stage. All women like jewels and flowers. It seemed like it was inherent, and she was no different.

“Lui, I like that necklace.” Li Manni pointed to a diamond necklace in the auctioneer’s hands. She had once heard that he had bought a necklace worth three million dollars for Xia Ruoxin. She wanted one, too, and she wanted it to be worth more than that.

Chu Lui stared at the necklace, feeling a twinge of unspeakable frustration momentarily.

“The queen of England once wore this necklace. Each gem on this necklace is carved by hand and has more than a thousand cuts. All the gems have a similar size and weight. The minimum bid starts at 3 million dollars. Let’s start the bid.”

This was definitely the most expensive thing in the auction, and of course the most valuable.

“Three million!” Someone bid.

“3.5 million!” said another. It seemed as if everyone was extremely interested in this necklace. The diamonds were already worth a lot, not to mention the necklace was worn by the queen of England. A celebrity’s clothes could be sold for more than ten times, even a hundred, of its actual price—much less an item that belonged to a queen.

“Five million.”

“Eight million.”

The bids increased in price. Li Manni bit her red lips lightly, glancing at the stage occasionally. She was afraid that someone else would make a successful bid, but Chu Lui just sat there leaning against his seat, fiddling with the watch on his wrist calmly and leisurely.

Li Manni wanted to say something, but in the end, she swallowed the words down. She did not want others to view her as materialistic, but this was different. What she wanted was more than just a necklace. It was a contest between women.

That woman had it, and so she must have it, too. She must have more, better, greater.

Chu Lui kept still, and his eyes seemed to darken more.

“15 million!” This was the last bid.

“15 million, anyone? If not, this necklace would belong to the lady there.” The lady who called the bid was donned with jewelry from head to toe, and she even had close to ten rings on her body. The brilliance was actually piercing instead.

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