Chapter 159 - The Necklace Worth Thirty Million

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Chapter 159: The Necklace Worth Thirty Million

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These things, at times as an accessory, would make a woman more beautiful and confident. When overly done, it would make one seem like an upstart especially in this instance. It had not allowed others to see the beauty; instead, it was so painful to look at that one would not give a second look. It was blinding. Unless it was another kind of man, he would lock their eyes on that woman.

That would be a thief. So many accessories were worn to attract a thief.

“15 million once… 15 million twice.” It had been called twice. The deal would be sealed when there’s a final call. Then, the necklace would belong to that Diamond Lady.

Li Manni was so tensed that she wanted to cry. She thought Chu Lui would purchase it for her so she waited in anticipation. In her mind, the necklace had already belonged to her. She was a possessive woman, and others were eyeing on something that she wanted. How could she remain calm and not frustrated?

She realized that the thing she had been wanting would soon belong to another. She felt uneasy.

Meanwhile, Chu Lui’s hand remained down. His eyes were semi-closed calmly, seemingly thinking and looking.

Then, his lips parted.

“20 million.”

The Diamond Lady was visibly shocked at his call. She thought she had it and had not expected another contender. She was not aware of this man. The necklace was almost hers, but it looked to be lost.

Diamond Lady hesitated, and then she clenched her jaw.

“21 million.”

Chu Lui closed his eyes. “25 million,” he called again. It felt like a slap to the Diamond Lady’s cheek, and her face paled.

Everyone in the hall was stunned. His bid was the highest, and every bid was done with no hesitation as though the money he had was just paper with no value.

This man, Chu Lui, was the CEO of Chu Enterprise. Money had never been an issue for him because he had no lack of it. He was also good at making money. Of course, money was never enough for some.

“26 million.” The Diamond Lady glared at Chu Lui. She regretted and wanted to slap herself after she called her bid. She could have bought many more necklaces at this price.

She liked expensive and exquisite things… and in big quantities. Looking at the way she dressed, she had 3 necklaces and countless rings.

Chu Lui opened his unusually profound eyes at this moment; his lips pursed.

“30 million.”

As soon as he finished, his hands balled into fists by his sides. It was not because of the price or that he valued money. It was number three. It was another three. He seemed to have an affinity to that number. Thirty million was ten times 3 million. What he gave Li Manni would always be better than what he had given Xia Ruoxin.

No one dared to bid after hearing this number. There would be no equivalent to Chu Lui who would use so much money to buy a strand of necklace which could not be eaten or worn.

Chu Lui stood up. He knew that belonged to him. The Diamond Lady could only look longingly at that diamond necklace on the stage. She glared at Chu Lui as he turned around and met her eyes with his icy gaze. She felt cold all over and very uncomfortable.

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