Chapter 160 - Hospitalized, What To Do

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Chapter 160: Hospitalized, What To Do

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Chu Lui took that necklace and walked off the stage. He put it around Li Manni’s neck; it made her slender neck looked more beautiful and elegant.

However, something flashed in his eyes. It was a scene he would never forget; it was him and another woman.

In reality, he knew the difference between 3 million and 30 million. He still preferred that strand of pearl necklace.

“Lui, thank you. I love it.” Li Manni reached out and caressed her neck. She felt like the most fortunate woman in the world. Tears began to well in her eyes as she hugged Chu Lui around his neck while he put his hand around her waist gently.

He heard her whispered the words ‘I love you’.

“I love you.”

But, do I love you?

His long arms circled the woman, and it stayed that way.

Xia Ruoxin turned her head and put her hands on her face. It was streaked with tear stains; she had been crying.

She stood up and went over to the ward entrance, wiping hard at the tears streaming down her face. What was the condition of her daughter? How was her Rainy? Was she in pain?

She laid her hand against the wall, her fingers unable to warm themselves from the coldness.

Nothing must happen to her child; she would not be able to survive otherwise.

The ward door opened at this moment, and the doctor walked out. He removed his mask before Xia Ruoxin could say anything.

“The child had an infection in her airways which has become pneumonia. She needed to be hospitalized. Please go and sign the papers for her hospitalization.”

The doctor’s words caused Xia Ruoxin to reel. Her face turned into a shade of white, losing all of its colors. She needed to be hospitalized.

“Please do not worry. The child’s condition may be severe, but it wouldn’t be a problem. She just needs to be hospitalized for a few days. It has been tough on the child. We could only try to prevent other complications from infecting the other organs.”

The doctor consoled quickly when he saw Xia Ruoxin stood shakily as though she might fall from the slightest touch.

Xia Ruoxin said nothing, merely nodding her head, as she put one foot in front of the other, walking with heavy steps. Hospitalization needed money; however…

She reached into her pocket and took out some money; a dollar, two, ten… and the biggest amount was fifty. It was just a few notes; it was all that she had.

She stopped and clutched the money in her hands. Her eyes were red. What to do? What should she do?

Suddenly, she looked up as if she had made a decision. There was an unspeakable sadness on that pale face.

“Are you sure? Your body is not suitable.” A doctor gave the woman before him the once-over. She was extremely thin and underweight. It was not right.

“I’m sure.” Xia Ruoxin nodded her head and rolled up her sleeve, revealing a thin arm. It was very fair but pathetically slim. One could crush all her bones easily with one hand.

“I am very sorry. I can’t agree with this.” The doctor rested both his hands on the table, a look of disagreement flashed in his bespectacled eyes.

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