Chapter 161 - A Good Doctor

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Chapter 161: A Good Doctor

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“You shouldn’t do this no matter how urgently you need the money.

“You should know what blood means to a human. Money is not life.”

The doctor tried to persuade this pale-faced woman before him, disagreeing with her for selling her blood. She was so skinny and pathetically frail.

Xia Ruoxin’s arm stayed on the table. She looked up with her eyes; those eyes had seen too much. She smiled powerlessly. “I understand what you are trying to say. Maybe for a lot of people, money is not life. For me, my daughter needs me, and I need money. She is still a newborn baby, barely a month old. She is waiting for me to save her because she is sick now.

“Please, can you help me? I can’t survive, not without my daughter.”

She tightened her weak left hand as tears streamed down her face, forming a straight line before sliding to her chin. If she had a choice, she wouldn’t have to do this. She had no way out, no relatives to depend on, and no money—that’s why she had to resort to doing this. She did not even dare to return to the city where she was born, and moreover to approach the people she knew for help. She was afraid, very afraid, that that man would harm her child if he knew.

The male doctor stood up and looked out the window with arms folded. There were too many people who deserved sympathy in this world. It always came down to a reason or circumstances beyond them.

“Are you sure?” he asked again with a serious look on his extra refined face, and an indescribable sharpness penetrated his bespectacled eyes.

Perhaps, he was not just a doctor; he might even have an ulterior motive.

Xia Ruoxin nodded her head hard.

A small smile appeared on her lips. She looked like she was going to cry instead; she was trying very hard to smile. Life had been unfair to her in so many ways, but she could tolerate them all. She only wanted her Rainy to be well.

The doctor sat down once more. A dark blue light glistened faintly in his dark eyes. He had very refined features, and when he smiled, it gave people a gentle feel. However, when he wasn’t smiling, it seemed to give others a distant feeling.

“It will hurt.” He took out a very thick syringe from a box at the side. It might as well be as thick as her arm. She knew it would hurt, but she was not afraid.

She shook her head with no traces of regret in her eyes. She could have money by doing this; Rainy would get better and won’t be in pain. She was still so little. Xia Ruoxin wished she could take away all her pain and put it on herself, away from her fatherless child.

The doctor picked up the syringe and pulled her thin arm. She wondered if it would take her life away.

His eyes stayed, and he pushed the syringe into her arm. Xia Ruoxin blinked her eyes slowly and watched the blood flow into the syringe. Her blood, it was still warm.

She tightened her hand gently. The needle was thick, but it didn’t really hurt. She only felt the energy slowly seeping away from her body.

She closed her eyes gently, not knowing how long it was, and her arm felt lighter. A huge and warm hand covered her arm where the syringe had been.

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