Chapter 162 - You will be Crippled if You don’t Treat It

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Chapter 162: You will be Crippled if You don’t Treat It

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“Is it painful?” A pleasant male voice sounded with some pity, and Xia Ruoxin’s heart ached. It has been a long time since anyone had asked about her.

Was she in pain? Hungry? Suffering?

Xia Ruoxin opened her eyes and shook her head. “You lied.” He found that her eyes were exceptionally beautiful, like the purest spring water in the mountain. It was always able to wash away anything for him, for another, and many others.

“When did I lie to you?” The doctor’s brow rose slightly, and his finger stayed on her arm, pressing on the site when the syringe had been. He looked curiously at her left arm.

“It’s not painful. You said it would.” Xia Ruoxin lips touched lightly. The pain was still tingling.

The doctor simply smiled. At times, he did not feel like a doctor… more like a shrewd businessman.

“Ah, some feel the pain here.” His finger pointed at the position of her heart. “The pain is not in your hand but your heart. Right?”

Xia Ruoxin was stunned because it truly did not hurt, nowhere hurt. As long as she could save her baby, she was happy. Why would that hurt?

“Let me have a look at your left hand.” He gently pressed at Xia Ruoxin’s arm and swiftly raised it.

Something about this arm did not seem right.

Xia Ruoxin did not understand why he wanted to examine her left hand. Did he want to draw blood from her left as well? She pursed her lips and stretched out her left arm.

The male doctor put his hand on her wrist and moved up to her elbow. He pressed hard. Xia Ruoxin bit on her lip from the piercing pain.

He was right. Her hand was weak from a bone injury. There was no proper treatment, and the bone had healed at the wrong places. It would hurt at the slightest touch.

“There is still a chance if you receive treatment now,” he said meaningfully while Xia Ruoxin looked down at her arm. Could she?

It seemed impossible. She stood up and bowed deeply at the doctor. “Thank you.” Her pale face revealing a hint of sadness which unconsciously invoked one’s sympathy. A small smile appeared on her lips; her will power made one ached for her.

She picked up the chit for the sale of her blood. Her body wavered slightly, and she left without seeing the doctor’s thoughtful eyes on her.

His eyes did not leave her until she vanished.

“What a stubborn woman,” he mumbled before taking off the doctor’s robe and leaving.

This was just an encounter for him, like the one among the many he had. He thought he would never have the chance to see her a second time.

The doctor’s robe remained hanging. People come here all the time for money.

Xia Ruoxin sat by the hospital bed, her hand caressing the child’s face. The color on her face was a nice red which was a sign that her fever had broken. She was now fine.

After she paid the hospitalization fee, there was still some money left. Xia Ruoxin thought she could buy some milk powder for her daughter. If it wasn’t enough, she could sell more blood. It was a way to make some fast cash.

As long as Rainy grows up healthy, it didn’t matter.

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