Chapter 163 - A Well-behaved Child

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Chapter 163: A Well-behaved Child

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She kept her child company in the day and at night. She would fold herself beside the hospital bed. At the slightest movement or sound, she would wake violently.

The whole ward was full of children of all ages, and all of them had both their fathers and mothers with them. Except her.

Sometimes, she would watch a couple take care of their child carefully, and she would feel sad. Not for herself, but for her pitiful daughter.

Her Rainy had no father, only a mother.

She felt something tugged at her clothes, looked down, and found Rainy staring at her with big, round eyes. They were slightly red, and she looked pitiful as her lips pouted, her hands tugging at Xia Ruoxin’s clothes from time to time.

She did not know how to speak, but her eyes spoke volumes.

Xia Ruoxin bent down and picked her daughter up carefully. Then, she kissed her tiny face tenderly. Rainy smiled with her eyes crescent as she was being carried by her mother. She kept making little baby noises.

“Baby, are you hungry?” She kissed her daughter’s rosy cheek again. Rainy reached out and grabbed her blouse, using her own face to rub against her mother’s. She seemed to like doing it.

Xia Ruoxin carried her daughter carefully while producing a bottle of warm milk from her pocket.

Then, she lay Rainy on her lap and put the milk bottle in front of her. Rainy’s eyes grew bigger. She reached out with two tiny hands and hugged the milk bottle that Xia Ruoxin was holding. Her face resembled an apple’s. One could hardly resist a bite from her rosy cheeks. Her long eyelashes fluttered frequently, and her legs kicked, showing her restlessness.

Others watched in envy at the baby in Xia Ruoxin’s arm, thinking of how well-behaved this baby was. They knew that babies at this age were not sensible enough. When one cried, others would follow. This child was an exception. At most, she would stare with her big eyes and continued to play with her small hands.

“Your daughter is so beautiful.” A woman carrying a child walked over. Her wide eyes were on the beautiful baby girl who was drinking her milk in Xia Ruoxin’s arms. It was true that this was an extremely good-looking baby. When she looked at Xia Ruoxin, she realized the mother was already very pretty. No wonder the daughter was, too. It was natural.

“Your child is very adorable, too.” Xia Ruoxin carried her daughter and smiled gently. The child in the other woman’s arms seemed to know that his mother was paying a compliment to another; he turned his body away unwillingly.

In a mother’s heart, her child would forever be her baby and angel.

“Yes, my child is.” The woman kissed her own baby’s face. That’s right. What was there to be envious of? Wasn’t her child adorable, too?

Xia Ruoxin reached out and carried her daughter while Rainy was still holding onto the milk bottle with both hands with her mouth constantly moving. She suddenly smiled, wanting to play with the little one.

She removed the milk bottle away carefully. Rainy’s eyes widened abruptly, her hands kept waving and her lips mumbling. There was childish grievance in her big, round eyes as though she was saying her mother was a naughty girl for taking away her bottle.

Xia Ruoxin moved the milk bottle further, and Rainy continued to reach for it consistently. Finally, she pouted her tender lips to show her mother she was upset.

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