Chapter 165 - You Have To Figure Out Your Own Happiness

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Chapter 165: You Have To Figure Out Your Own Happiness

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She would always wrap the whole blanket around her child. Even if it meant that she had to sleep in the freezing cold.

As soon as she saw Rainy’s ruddy face, she felt that everything was worth it.

“Rainy, should Mommy bring you along when I look for a job tomorrow?” She counted the pieces of clothing on the floor, realizing that the income from these clothes could no longer support their livelihood. That prompted her to start looking for a job. Perhaps with the new job, she could save some money to rent a cheap apartment.

It was too cold here.

She wanted to give her daughter a better life. That was why she needed to work. The income from doing laundry alone was not enough, and she couldn’t possibly sell her blood every day. It would cause her death. She must stay alive to care for Rainy. She moved her left hand and knew that doctor was right. If she left it untreated, it could be crippled for the rest of her life.

However, it wouldn’t matter. A year had passed, and she was used to it. In the future, her daughter would still remain her priority.

She looked down and kissed her daughter’s tiny face. She was so lovely that Xia Ruoxin could not keep her own hands away. Even if her daughter was ugly, she would still love her as much.

She put the child down, but the tiny hands held onto her hair. She pried the little fingers open gently, worried that she would hurt her. Rainy was so tiny; she was afraid of hurting her from the slightest force.

She stood up and began to pour pails of water into the big basin on the floor. Then, she soaked the clothes in it and started washing piece by piece. The water temperature was cold, but she had grown used to it.

From time to time, she would look up and check on the little one. Her eyes were shut, and her little hand placed at her mouth seemingly sucking her thumb while she slept. Her eyelashes were so long and thick that it covered her tender face. The warm light shone on her, which made her look like a beautiful angel.

This was enough. As long as she could see her baby every day, she felt very happy and satisfied. She thought as she wiped the sweat off her forehead.

Some happiness one needed to figure out on their own. Heaven might have treated her unfairly in so many ways, but she had an extremely adorable daughter.

This was the greatest compensation for her. She lowered her head and continued with the laundry. The sooner she finished washing, the faster she could rest. She still needed to look for a job tomorrow.

A job that would make their life better.

She would be able to afford the rent for a room; nothing big, but it would be a warm room. That was all she had wished for—nothing too fancy.

Otherwise, that would be considered as greed.

She finished washing the last piece of laundry. Her body started swaying as she stood up. Suddenly, she felt giddy, and she shook her head before finally fishing out the laundry from the basin to hang.

When the last piece was hung, she rubbed her shoulders. Her face did not look well at all.

She walked to the bedside. The child was still sleeping. Xia Ruoxin pulled and played with her tiny hand for a while. Then, she lay on the bed and finally allowed herself a well-deserved rest.

She turned over and hugged her child in her arms carefully.

Gradually, her eyes closed. It might have been a dilapidated warehouse, but at this moment, a ray of light shone on the two who were deep asleep.

Both of them had long eyelashes, corners of their lips curled up naturally. The difference—one was bigger, and the other smaller.

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