Chapter 166 - Work was Hard to Come By and Life was Tough

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Chapter 166: Work was Hard to Come By and Life was Tough

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The bright morning lit up the warehouse, but it did not stop the cold. Xia Ruoxin carried her daughter in her arms and fed her some paste before leaving. She touched her daughter’s face, and that woke her. She stared, unblinking at her mother with her wide eyes, two tiny hands clutching at her blouse.

“Rainy, Mommy will be sure to find a job. Then, you don’t have to eat any more paste because we can afford to buy milk powder. We can also get a new house with a heater, a bathroom, and windows.”

She held her daughter tight and walked out. A year had since passed. Some people might have already forgotten about the disgraced Xia Ruoxin and only remembered the blissful Li Manni. She did not wish to know anything about them, but sometimes, it was beyond her control.

She knew that man loved and cared for her.

It wasn’t for the lack of love, just that he had never spared any of it on Xia Ruoxin.

However, she already had the love of her life now. That was her daughter in her arms. As long as they were together, nothing mattered.

She no longer wanted to love a man; neither did she want to love again.

Whatever had happened had made her see things very clearly.

“Rainy, don’t worry. Mommy will try hard to find a job.” Under the sunlight, her eyes looked exceptionally bright and determined while the child in her arms looked around with curiosity in her big eyes. When she spotted someone watching her, she would cower and hide in her mother’s arms. Then, she would try to sneak a peek again.

Certain things were not as simple as Xia Ruoxin had thought. It was hard to find a job outside, especially when she was a woman with an infant and had a weak left arm.

She couldn’t possibly leave Rainy at home alone; neither could she leave her in the care of others. Rainy was her life, and she would not leave her. She did not have any work experience; she only knew drawing. It could not be her livelihood. It was only now that she realized… she was actually a good-for-nothing.

She sat on the bench by the side of the road and fed her daughter some water. The child did not know that the sighs came from her mother. She held the bottle and drank. After she had finished drinking, she went back into her mother’s arms and continued with her curiosity about the outside world. She liked crowded places and bright colors, but there was more that she was afraid of.

“Rainy, let’s go. Mommy will continue to search. I don’t believe that we will starve to death.” She carried her daughter and picked up the newspaper, undeterred. Until she came to the entrance of a shopping mall. They were hiring, but…

She began doubting herself, thinking about what she could work as.

She walked in the place in her shabby attire, like someone who doesn’t belong in the big shopping mall; and she was carrying a child who was fast asleep.

“May I know if you are recruiting?” She held the newspaper out in one hand and asked one of the young and beautiful women.

She eyed at her suspiciously and pointed to the left with a look of disdain in her eyes. “Over there, not here. And remember, the main entrance is reserved for the customers. Not for someone like you.”

She gestured at Xia Ruoxin with her chin, showing her obvious displeasure at Xia Ruoxin’s beauty even after she had already had a child.

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