Chapter 201 - Heartless

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Chapter 201: Heartless

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“What did she say?” Shen Yijun’s fingers pressed hard onto the teacup, at the same time, thinking of who might have come looking for her.

“She said she’s your daughter.”

Plank! The teacup on Shen Yijun’s hand fell onto the floor. Her fingers could no longer bend, and she turned into a shade of white within seconds.

Her daughter. Her daughter!

“Did she say her name is ‘Xia Ruoxin’?” Shen Yijun stood up abruptly and asked with teeth clenched. It was a form of agitation, seemingly steaming from hatred.

“Yes, Madam. She said she is ‘Xia Ruoxin’.” The nanny retreated a step back. Today, the usual graceful mistress had changed into someone else.

Perhaps, she really had a daughter? If that was true, how could she be that pathetic?

The clothes she was wearing was worse than hers.

“Madam…” Before she could finish, a gust of wind blew past her face. It was Shen Yijun racing down the stairs.

Xia Ruoxin waited anxiously outside gate like she had four years ago. She could only stand and look up at the place where the rich had been staying. Time might have passed, but she still didn’t belong here.

The gate was flung open.

Out came Shen Yijun, walking towards Xia Ruoxin in big, wide steps.

Xia Ruoxin tried to greet the mother whom she had not seen for the past four years, and yet no words came out.

The word ‘mother’ was unfamiliar to her. Now, she was a mother, too, and she has loved her daughter Rainy so much. She could not understand why her own mother could treat her so cruelly.

“So you are still alive. Having trouble surviving?” The words from Shen Yijun’s mouth were sarcastic and hurtful, just like four years ago. As if they were not mother and daughter, but enemies.

Xia Ruoxin kept tugging at her worn-out blouse. As compared to the glamorous way that Shen Yijun had dressed, the attire that Xia Ruoxin was in couldn’t even be compared to her maids.

“Mom, please…”

Suddenly, Xia Ruoxin knelt on the ground as she tugged at Shen Yijun’s clothes. “Mom, my daughter is sick. Please, save her. She needs to be hospitalized for treatment.

“Please. She is only three.”

Shen Yijun was shocked to hear that Xia Ruoxin had a daughter. However, she recalled her disgraceful scandal four years ago.

“Oh, it was the bastard from four years ago. It’s better that she died. She shouldn’t have been alive in the first place.” She sneered. In fact, she herself did not know why she had said such heartless words.

“Mom, she is not a bastard; she is my daughter. Even if you don’t love her, she would never be a bastard. She is my baby.” Xia Ruoxin could not accept the cold words from Shen Yijun. She never thought her own mother would be that ruthless.

“Mom, she is your maternal granddaughter. How could you say that?” No one had anticipated Rainy’s birth or known about her presence. She did not have a father, only a mother. How? How could she have said that about her?

“Why not? Have you forgotten what you did four years ago? You caused Yixuan’s death, married Chu Lui, and did such an unspeakable thing.” Shen Yijun looked condescendingly at the Xia Ruoxin who was kneeling on the ground, blaming her. The more she said, the angrier she got. If it wasn’t for her, her life could have been so much better.

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