Chapter 202 - Who Destroyed Who?

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Chapter 202: Who Destroyed Who?

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“I have already told you four years ago that you are not my daughter. I don’t have a daughter like you, and that bastard of yours has nothing to do with me.”

“Mom…” Xia Ruoxin could not believe the words that had come out of a mother’s mouth. “Mom, why have you become like this? Are you still my mother?” Was this cruel woman the same mother who had loved her before?

Shen Yijun was still sneering. There was no sign of motherly love. She hated her—loathed her.

“The thing I had regretted the most was giving birth to you. You caused the death of a kind-hearted girl like Yixuan.” Shen Yijun flung Xia Ruoxin’s hand away and took a step back. It was as though she had some kind of virus on her; shameless and filthy.

Xia Ruoxin was stunned. Her heart was completely broken, and it showed beneath her quivering eyelashes. “Mom, have you forgotten? I am your daughter, not Xia Yixuan. You didn’t even give birth to her.

“Mom, have you forgotten? When I was little, we had lived together. You would always buy me the most beautiful clothes but not for yourself. You would rather starved and buy me my favorite food. At night, you would cover me with the whole blanket, worried that I would catch a cold and became sick. Mom, have you forgotten all that? I remembered everything, but why have you forgotten?”

There was apparently some struggle in Shen Yijun’s eyes followed by confusion. She clenched her teeth, and her emotions were overcome by reason.

“Whatever has happened was in the past, I have forgotten about them. The only thing I haven’t forgotten was you caused Yixuan’s death, the way you had treated Chu Lui, and how you caused the destruction of the whole Xia family.”

“Destruction? Hahaha… who have I ruined?” Xia Ruoxin laughed suddenly, and tears starting falling. “Who have I ruined? Chu Lui is married. Isn’t he leading a happy life? You said that I caused Xia Yixuan’s death. What is your evidence? Have you witnessed it with your own eyes? How dare you pin Xia Yixuan’s death on me? Where is the proof that I have done something to Chu Lui? You believed Xia Yixuan and Chu Lui. What about me? Does what I have said not count for something?”

Xia Ruoxin balled her hands into fists as the view before her became a blur. The gloomy sky made breathing difficult.

“I didn’t cause the destruction of anyone. It’s all of you that ruined me and my Rainy.”

She looked down as tears streamed down her face. Her shaking right hand moved to her left; hadn’t she lost enough? Why must she lose her daughter?

She was the hope that she had been clinging to in order to survive. Rainy was so obedient. Why must she suffer like this?

Shen Yijun was suddenly afraid of Xia Ruoxin in her current state of craze. She held her hands so tightly that her nails dug deep into her palms. There were so much more accusations and degrading words that she had wanted to haul at Xia Ruoxin, but now, she kept her mouth shut, and she did not know why.

She took a deep breath to harden herself and said coldly.

“Get lost. Get out of my sight. I will not help you. You wanted money? You caused the death of my only daughter. What right do you have to ask me for money to save your bastard?”

Shen Yijun finished and turned around to escape the suffocating place. She felt suppressed each time she sees her daughter. It was not a comfortable feeling.

She had to leave. She didn’t want to see her.

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