Chapter 203 - No More Illusions

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Chapter 203: No More Illusions

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“Mom, please… I beg you.”

Xia Ruoxin rushed forward and held tightly onto Shen Yijun’s ankles with both hands. “Mom,” she cried, begging, “even if everything was my fault, the child has done nothing wrong.

“She is only three years old, and she did not know anything. She is your granddaughter—very adorable. Please. Please save her. Just take pity on us. As long as you are willing to save her, I will do anything you want. I will die if that’s what’s you want as long as you save my daughter.”

Xia Ruoxin’s hands hugged tightly onto Shen Yijun’s ankles. She dare not let go for fear. If she died, she would lose Rainy.

A look of hesitation flashed past Shen Yijun’s face. She closed her eyes, and Xia Yixuan came to her mind. For the past four years, Xia Mingzheng has been depressed; and she has her guilt. All caused by this woman. Because of Xia Ruoxin, the Xia household, Xia Mingzheng, and herself were ruined.

“This is retribution, Xia Ruoxin. You are the cause of everything that has happened.”

She hardened herself and pulled her leg away, but Xia Ruoxin’s grip was so tight that she could not move a single step.

“Mom, please…” Xia Ruoxin sprawled on the ground. Mud covered her face. She lay crumpled, with no dignity. Her left hand was weak, and yet she continued to hold on tightly onto Shen Yijun’s ankles. There was no way she would let go. She just couldn’t.

“Please… save her. Will you please save my daughter? She is all alone in the hospital now. No one is there to care or dote on her. She has suffered with me since she was born. She is very pitiful. Mom, I beg you. I will do anything for you. Please…”

The color drained from Shen Yijun’s face. She felt an unbearable feeling in her heart that seemed to touch on something or someplace she did not wish to remember.

“Somebody, come and take this mad woman away!” she roared towards the inside, unable to tolerate Xia Ruoxin. Or maybe, she was unable to tolerate herself behaving like this.

Two well-built women emerged from inside.

“Get her away. Quickly. She’s crazy!” she screamed uncontrollably. In her eyes now, Xia Ruoxin was crazy, a mad person she did not recognize.

“Mom…” A sound of thunder drowned whatever Xia Ruoxin was saying. Shen Yijun escaped into the Xia family apartment as though she was running away from something. The door closed with a loud bang.

Xia Ruoxin was thrown out the gate. They had hurt her left arm. Her right hand was reaching out, trying to hold onto something. It was the same as four years ago. She came looking for her own mother, and what she received were her heartlessness and cruelty.

The rain fell like string-less beads, beating down on her body and face. The sky became even gloomier.

“Why are you so ruthless? She is your granddaughter. I had begged you so why do you remain unmoved? Why haven’t you treated me like your daughter since I was young?

“So much for being a mother. This is motherhood. Hahaha… this is a mother!”

She struggled to get up and stared coldly at the extravagant apartment. “You said you don’t want a person like me as your daughter. Do you know? I don’t want someone like you as my mother, too. Ha…” she laughed as her tears merged with the rain. “You hate me. I hated you, too.”

The rain kept pouring. Xia Ruoxin crawled up from the ground and wiped the rain off her face. She did not know if her eyes were misty from the rain or her tears.

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