Chapter 204 - Wanted To See Him

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Chapter 204: Wanted To See Him

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She stood outside the gate of the Xia family apartment, under the curtains of rain. However, no one came out again just like four years ago.

In reality, she wanted to know if she was really dead, would she shed a tear for her? Would she feel sad?

Nevertheless, she turned and walked further away from this place with her hand over the left arm. She couldn’t die yet. She still had to save her daughter.

If the Xia family was unwilling, she would go and beg that person regardless of how he would torture her.

Chu Lui was Rainy’s biological father. He would save her even if he hated her. After all, Rainy was his daughter.

She wiped her face; the posture of her back showed defeat.

Outside the Chu villa…

She stood alone in the rain with her eyes locked onto the dark Chu villa. Was anyone at home?

She looked at herself, her clothes soaked through. There were cakes of mud which had dried up. She put her hand on her face and wondered if anyone would recognize her.

The rain had drenched her. A chill pierced her body, and she hugged her hands over her shoulders, carefully folding herself. She waited by the entrance, not knowing when she would be able to see him.

A black sedan stopped, and Xia Ruoxin stepped forward. Through the window, she could vaguely see that man who had once again made her heart ached. A man and a woman were tight in each other’s embrace, kissing. It looked so intimate and happy.

Xia Ruoxin’s fingers fell weakly. Wasn’t this better? They were happy.

Did he know? That he had a three-year-old daughter who was alone in the hospital, unconscious.

The sedan left, and a woman remained. With an umbrella in her hand, she had the rain fall around her without a single drop on her.

The sedan vanished from her sight. Her scarlet lips were extremely lovely and beautiful, and she made her way towards the entrance.

“Please wait.”

A meek voice sounded. It was so soft that it was almost drowned by the sound of the rain.

This voice was so familiar that it made her uncomfortable.

She looked back and saw a woman who was in an extreme mess. That face, however, was one she would never forget in her wildest dreams. It was one who would give her nightmares.

Xia Ruoxin, the one who had vanished for almost four years—presumably dead, had appeared before her. To Li Manni, it has given her a sense of frightening caution.

“What are you doing here? We have nothing to do with you.” Li Manni looked at the embarrassed woman in her eyes. Both of them stood between the difference between heaven and hell.

“I was thinking…” Xia Ruoxin licked at her dry lips. The rain caused her to squint. The woman before her eyes was as beautiful as she was in a state of mess. She looked more gorgeous than she had three years ago.

“Can I see Chu Lui? Was that man earlier Chu Lui?” There were much anticipation and hope in her eyes. If she lost this opportunity, she did not know how she could find that man. It was a gamble she could not afford.

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