Chapter 205 - : I Have a Daughter

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Chapter 205: I Have a Daughter

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“You want to see him?” Li Manni’s voice went a pitch higher. “May I know what rights do you have to see my husband? What position are you going to take when meeting with a married man? Do not forget that I am his wife now, and I don’t think he will want to see his ex-wife who has committed adultery. Xia Ruoxin, we are doing very well now without you. Please do not come and disrupt our lives.

“Please leave and never show yourself before me. I have no wish to see your face. You disgust me.”

Four years had passed. Xia Ruoxin was no longer who she was; neither was Li Manni.

In the past, Li Manni was always below others. Not anymore. Now, she was legally wedded to Chu Lui. Whereas, Xia Ruoxin was just an ex-wife who had been unfaithful to him.

“I want him to save someone. Please? It doesn’t require a lot of money.” Xia Ruoxin looked down in embarrassment. This was not the first time she was humiliated. The pain still suffocated her. Everyone had dignity and was afraid of pain. She was not made of wood or stone. There was no other way for her. She would have died a long time ago if she was worried about her dignity.

“Miss Li.” Xia Ruoxin bowed humbly.

Besides this, she did not know what else she could do.

“Please address me as ‘Mrs. Chu’. Don’t forget that I am Chu Lui’s wife now.” Li Manni cut her off promptly. She hated it when she had called her ‘Miss Li’.

“Mrs. Chu.” Xia Ruoxin’s voice sounded hoarse as though a fire was burning her throat. Calling her ‘Mrs. Chu’ had caused a violent pain in her heart, all the way to her spine.

“Mrs. Chu, may I see Chu Lui, Mr. Chu?” She pleaded.

Li Manni’s expression turned colder. “Don’t bother. He won’t see you.” Li Manni rejected her with a sneer. There was no room for negotiation. She wasn’t stupid. There was no way she would allow an ex-wife to see Chu Lui.

She gave Xia Ruoxin a cold glare before she turned around to walk towards the entrance. Some women liked to be in the rain, but Li Manni was never one to do that.

“Mrs. Chu, I want to ask him for help to save my daughter. She is sick.”

The voice from behind stopped Li Manni in her steps. The umbrella in her hand shook, and it almost fell onto the ground.

“What did you say? You have a daughter?” She turned around. A deadly gleam of light shone in her eyes with sinister and jealousy. It wasn’t unbelievable.

She said she had a daughter. Whose was it? Chu Lui’s?

“Yes.” Xia Ruoxin nodded. The view before her blurred. “I have a daughter, but she is sick. I am begging you to save her.”

But now, in a state of frenzy, she has forgotten that a woman couldn’t possibly allow another woman to bear her husband’s child. Especially when that woman was an ex-wife.

Xia Ruoxin had belittled a woman’s jealousy; she thought too well of Li Manni.

Four years had gone by. Anyone would change, and not everyone thought of the child as an innocent party. Neither would they love the child who had been unknown for the past four years.

“Is the child Chu Lui’s?” Li Manni walked closer to Xia Ruoxin. She almost strangled Xia Ruoxin. She was scared out of her wits now.

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