Chapter 206 - He Loathed Her

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Chapter 206: He Loathed Her

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This couldn’t be true. How could Xia Ruoxin have a child? While she had had nothing for the past four years, how could Xia Ruoxin—the one whom everyone despised—had a child?

Xia Ruoxin pursed her lips. Looking at Li Manni in her crazy state now had scared her. She took a step back, turned her face away, and kept quiet. Chu Lui was the only man in her life. Even if the doctor had said that she could not conceive, who was to say that there are no accidents in the world.

Rainy was a pleasant surprise from heaven.

Li Manni flung her umbrella away. Xia Ruoxin remained silent which only made her heart sink more. The rain had drenched her as well, from head to toe, as her body started to shiver.

“Ha…” She laughed abruptly. “That child must have belonged to that man. You thought of using another man’s child to pass it off? You are too naive. You said your daughter is Chu Lui’s, but don’t forget how your divorce with Chu Lui went, Miss Xia.” She emphasized ‘Miss Xia’. Every word was spat out between her teeth with an emphasis.

“Don’t you think of using that child as a way to gain an advantage over my husband. Because you will never be able to. He had not loved you four years ago. Neither will he now.”

Li Manni walked away. While Xia Ruoxin’s eyes were lowered as rain beat on her eyelashes. The powerless weight from the burden came crashing down on her. There was not an ounce of warmth on her as her frozen lips chattered.

“Don’t think about it. Chu Lui will never save a bastard, especially yours. Never forget how much he had hated you. Even if your daughter were to die before his eyes, he would not spare a glance.”

Li Manni sneered out loud as a mixture of confused feelings appeared on her face.

She opened the door and entered, leaving the umbrella by the doorstep. She had forgotten to pick it up.

The view before Xia Ruoxin turned hazy as the door slammed in her face. Beneath the huge villa, she had seemed like an insignificant ant. One could have easily killed her.

“He would not love your daughter. Even if she were to die before him, he would not spare a glance.”

“He loathed you. So, he will also hate your daughter. Especially a bastard.”

Xia Ruoxin looked at the sky and allowed the rain to beat down on her.

Rainy, I am sorry. Mommy is useless.

She turned around and left the place. Was this the hope that she had been harboring? He would not love her child. Even if she was his child, too, would he have loved her?

Every scene from the past four years flashed past her mind. He had sent her to another bed with his own hands for the sake of divorce and another woman. He had ruthlessly ruined her innocence, causing her reputation to be destroyed and making her homeless. That’s not true. Xia Ruoxin had never had a home.

She walked faster and faster to the point where she was almost running in the rain. However, the sound of sobs stayed choked in her throat, unable to materialize.

In the Chu villa, Li Manni pulled the curtain aside. With the exception of the umbrella, there was no sign of that woman.

She sighed in relief. Yet, the feeling of unease began to unsettle her.

She was really scared that the daughter Xia Ruoxin had mentioned would be Chu Lui’s. Her hand went to her belly. She had wanted a child so much, but it never happened. Not once.

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