Chapter 207 - Wanted Her Dead

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Chapter 207: Wanted Her Dead

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For the first time, she had wanted someone to die. She wanted Xia Ruoxin and her child to die.

She would not allow anyone to destroy the life she was having now. No one.

Xia Ruoxin?

She would never have the chance to see Chu Lui. Ever.

She clenched her hands tight, and a slow evil smile began to show on her face.

Xia Ruoxin ran back into the rental apartment. With her back against the door, she slowly slid onto the floor. She was drenched from the rain. Her clothes were wet, and her heart was ice-cold.

She breathed numbly. Then, like a robot, she changed her clothes as she tried to warm her shaking hands.

As her body trembled, she took out her meager savings. It couldn’t be compared to the astronomical figure.

She held the money tightly in her hands and ran out. There was no warmth in the small apartment like it had in the past. All that was left were silence and despair.

The rain continued to pour outside. It beat on the squeaky clean windows with ripples and splatters.

Xia Ruoxin returned to the hospital. The smell of disinfectant within caused her to have a splitting headache. She clenched her fists, willing herself to sober up. If she didn’t, she would break down. The money she paid at the counter was not enough. In fact, it was far from what she had to pay.

She walked into her daughter’s ward and wondered when she had awoken. She had sat alone on the huge bed with her head lowered, and the nurse constantly muttering in her eyes. However, the child never replied.

“Rainy…” Xia Ruoxin called in a hoarse voice.

Rainy’s head jerked up violently with two streaks of tears on her face. There were beads of tears on her long eyelashes as well.

“Mommy…” She reached out with her two tiny hands, wanting Xia Ruoxin to hold her. She had woken up without her doll or her mother. As she continued to cry, there was still no sign of her mother.

Xia Ruoxin ran over to hug her daughter’s small frame. It was all her fault to have left her alone here. She had not taken good care of her and allowed her young daughter to contract such a severe disease.

It was her fault. She couldn’t even pay for her daughter’s hospitalization fees.

“Mommy, Rainy will be obedient in the future. Please don’t leave me. I don’t want anything; no new clothes, shoes, or dolls. I only want Mommy. Mommy, please don’t leave me…” A young child’s shoulders shake uncontrollably. It was pitiful.

Xia Ruoxin hugged her daughter tight as waves of pain pierced her heart.

She held her daughter’s small face which had looked so much like hers. As she wiped her daughter’s tears from her face with her fingers, she gently pinched her chubby cheeks.

“How could Mommy not want Rainy? You are my precious baby. Look, Mommy left to get you this.” From her arms, she withdrew Rainy’s favorite doll.

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