Chapter 210 - She Could Not Catch Up With Hope

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Chapter 210: She Could Not Catch Up With Hope

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“Chu Lui, don’t go. Please… don’t go…” She chased the car, but it got further and further away. The car was lost, along with all her hope.

Li Manni looked back from inside the car. Her face was expressionless except for the dazed look in her eyes. That woman had run after the car. It was so difficult to get rid of her.

“Lui.” Li Manni used her body to block Chu Lui’s view. With both her hands on his arm, Chu Lui briefly opened his shut eyes.

“Yes?” A simple word but a reply nonetheless. In fact, they were not as loving as others had thought. If only a simple question and answer could be considered as loving.

“Lui, let’s take a trip overseas. I feel like going out of the country.” Li Manni rested her head on Chu Lui’s shoulder as she scanned the back of the car from the corner of her eye. She saw the woman fell abruptly onto the ground, and a smirk appeared on her lips.

“Why the sudden urge?” Chu Lui closed his eyes again, his lips pursed into a line. He did not like the suggestion as he has been very busy lately. The Chu Enterprise would not fold without him.

“We did not take any trips for our wedding. Lui, it has been four years. How long do you want me to wait?” Li Manni hugged his arm. There was a hint of regret in her voice. They did not have a honeymoon, and this was the only regret she had after all these years.

Chu Lui put his arm around Li Manni’s shoulders and hugged her close. A faint look of guilt flashed past his dark eyes.

The more frustrated he was, the guiltier he felt.

The guiltier he felt, the more he wanted to compensate.

The more he compensated, the emptier he became.

“All right. I will make the arrangements.” He lowered his eyes and looked at his watch. Finally giving in.

Unknown to him, a woman had stared at the back of his car with despair and grief not too long ago.

“Chu Lui, please. Don’t go. I beg you. Save your daughter.” Xia Ruoxin’s hands were stretched as though she was trying to hold onto something. That man was her final and only hope. There was nothing for her to hold on to. She could only lay sprawling on the ground and allowed others to watch passed her curiously.

No one came and helped her up.

The world was a cruel place. It has always been.

Gradually, she stood up. The clothes on her arm and legs had been torn, and there was a burning sensation. She could only stare at the direction where the car has disappeared in. At last, she closed her eyes and allowed the helplessness and despair to engulf her.

It was really, really cold.

She could taste the saltiness in her tears as they continued to roll down her face and moisturized her dry lips. At that moment, the life was sucked out of her body.

There was nothing at all.

She turned around. Her lips pursed bitterly, and there was a huge hole in her heart what she could not fill. Compared to four years ago, she was more powerless. There was more despair, and totally, no one she could turn to.

Four years ago, she had Rainy. But now, who was there for her?

She clenched her hands by her sides. Then, she wiped her tears with her right hand. She must not despair—must not give up. Rainy still needed her. If she couldn’t be strong, then who else could help her save her Rainy?

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