Chapter 212 - : She was Going to Sell Herself

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Chapter 212: She was Going to Sell Herself

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What could a woman do to earn easy money?

Other than using her body, what ways were there?

She turned her head away mournfully. Her face, with her daughter’s features, felt dirty at the thought of it.

A young woman was leaning against a recliner under the neon lights. There was a soft and white fur shawl, a high-end handmade carpet, and blooming roses. At the moment, she raised her eyelids slightly charmingly. Whether she was raising her hand or lifting her head up, her actions were filled with an irresistible maturity and story.

“Have you thought about it?” Laziness filled the woman’s voice as her red lips parted. She looked at her fingers and finally sat straight. The shawl slipped to her waist, showing a huge chunk of her fair and tender bosom. It felt sexy—not cheap—and so graceful that she could take one’s breath away. With her lovely eyes squinting and her right hand on her cheek, she studied the young woman who was standing before her. There was no reply from her; neither did she leave.

Her face could be considered beautiful although the complexion was a bit poor. Her features were indeed quite pretty, even gorgeous. She had big eyes, a good nose, and a slender chin. Her body was slightly on the thin side, but one could see the curves. This place was lacking a woman like her, one who was untouched by the nightlife.

Soon, however, she would find herself immersed in it.

The smell and its filth.

“What is your name?” The woman stood with her long legs that were vaguely visible.

“Xia Ruoxin.” A soft voice spoke, seemingly filled with faint despair.

The charming woman tossed her hair. “People who come here have their own stories. Few came willingly. The moment you have decided, you should know this. Everything that was yours will no longer belong to you. They will be mine.”

The woman’s scarlet lips parted charmingly. “This is a tough road. Once you have chosen it, there will be no going back.”

The dim red light fell onto Xia Ruoxin’s long eyelashes which quivered weakly. She looked up and lightly nodded.

She had no right to object. Besides selling her body, she did not know of any other solution.

“All right.” The woman sat down again and rested her hands on her lap. Then, she put one hand under her chin. Her actions were natural and elegant. She was so exquisite and perfect, like a sculpture which has been injected with a soul.

This time, her eyes narrowed.

“Strip.” It was the same charm filled with laziness. Her words sent fear into Xia Ruoxin. Strip? Here? Why must she disrobe?

She was embarrassed. There were at least five to six people here not including those standing in the shadows. Must she really take off her clothes here?

She would be stripped off everything, even her character, and what was left of her dignity.

She closed her eyes as the heat rise to her eyes. Her hands clutched tightly onto the front of her blouse.

“Strip. You should have nothing to fear now that you have decided to sell yourself. If you are unwilling to take off your clothes now, do you think you are going to disrobe in front of a customer?”

The woman looked up from the corner of her eyes. There were filled with sarcasm. “I don’t pay you so much money for you to be a saint. We don’t need a saint here. Saints don’t make a man smile. Once you’ve made the men smile, you can have the money. You want dignity and character, look elsewhere. You won’t find any of those from me.”

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