Chapter 216 - Initiative

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Chapter 216: Initiative

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She patted her daughter’s back gently as her dazed eyes revealed a sense of loss. She did not know what her future held for her, only that she needed to save her daughter—even if it was only a ray of hope.

The hospital became silent as the night grew darker. One by one, the lights outside were extinguished; and finally, one remained.

Xia Ruoxin covered her daughter’s whole body under the blanket. She closed her eyes and listened to her daughter’s shallow breathing. She felt alive.

For the longest time, they had lived like this—dependent on each other day after day, month after month, and year after year. There was no one else except the two of them. They could not live without each other.

Countless stars glowed in the night sky. How many million years would it take for different stars to appear on the same sky?

At the other end of the globe, a man stood before a window. The faint glow from the stars fell on him—dressed in loosely fitted pajamas. A stick of cigarette burnt at the end of his fingertips. His sleepiness had faded while a young woman lay in the huge bed.

She opened her eyes vaguely and reached out instinctively beside her.

“Lui…” a hoarse voice called out, but the man did not hear it. He was deep in his thoughts with his eyes lost in the horizon.

The woman sat up, dressed in sexy white silk pajamas. Her full bosom rose and fell which was highly seductive. The man by the window still had no idea that she had awoken. Such neglect. No matter how many times she tried, she could not find a way into his heart. Her pink lips pursed as a look of disappointment flashed in her eyes.

Why must he always give her this vibe that he was close yet so far? Whenever she thought he was near her, he had seemed so far away.

Then again, she realized she could actually hold his hand.

She got off the bed and walked closer to the man until she was standing directly behind him. Then, her hands went around the man’s waist. “Lui, what is on your mind? Was it the company? I’m sorry. It is all my fault to have put you in a tight spot.” There was remorse in her voice as though she was choking in between sobs. Her generosity only made the man’s heart ache and like her more.

Chu Lui suddenly felt a burn in his fingertips, and he immediately snuffed out the cigarette.

“It’s nothing.” He let Li Manni hugged his waist, but on his face, he hid every emotion.

“Lui, will you tell me what you were thinking? Why are you still up so late?” Li Manni plastered her face against Chu Lui’s back. He smelled of shower gel; very clean. She had been smelling the scent for four years. Without it, she would not be able to sleep.

Perhaps with a change of environment, that was how things were. Chu Lui made light of everything. They might have been husband and wife… and loving. However, he had never allowed Li Manni to be anywhere near his heart. He had not noticed it whether it was intentional or otherwise.

Li Manni’s hands moved to the belt on his robe and proceeded to untie it. “I can help you, Lui. If you are willing.” She boldly opened the robe and moved her fingers down.

Things between them were always plain, including their wedding night. Maybe this was his regret.

It wasn’t fierce, passionate, or dense. Only plain and normal.

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