Chapter 217 - He Wanted a Daughter

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Chapter 217: He Wanted a Daughter

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Chu Lui’s hands stopped Li Manni. Under the dim light, his face showed exhaustion; and his eyes did not reveal any interest. Truthfully, he did not want to feel like having the intimacy between a man and a woman. He was not passionate about it. If it was possible at all, he preferred to sleep alone. However, his wife was taking the initiative to be close to him, and he was proud of her. Thus, he was unwilling to embarrass her.

If she wanted it, then he would give it. Perhaps, they would conceive a child. He really wanted a child, especially a daughter like Yixuan when she was a little girl. He would dote on her, love her, and give her everything.

He turned around and carried Li Manni easily as they made their way to that huge bed. Soon, their pajamas were scattered on the floor. The two bodies intertwined with each other, followed by the moving rhythm between a man and a woman. Even the moon hid in the night sky, too embarrassed to make its appearance in the blushing scene.

In the dark where one could not even see their fingers, Xia Ruoxin awoke violently. She opened her eyes. Her hands moved to her face unconsciously and felt the cold tears on her face.

When had she started crying?


A small voice called out, and she hurriedly lay down again. She wrapped her daughter in her arms, reached out to touch that doll, and put it in her daughter’s arms. After two small arms went around it, then she started patting the small back.

In the dark, a gentle voice coaxed.

“Sleep, Baby. Mommy is here, right here. Mummy will be here to watch you grow till the day I can’t. Trust Mommy, I will die before you. And you will live with the life that I have given you and continue living.”

She looked down and held her daughter closer. She did not know what it was, but there were tears that she promised not to shed. Yet, she could not stop them from coming as they disappeared into the strands of her hair.

Why did her heart suddenly hurt so much, so endlessly? When would it end? When would she be released?

She shut her eyes and allowed the tears to slide over to her ears. It sent chills, turning her heart cold.

Chu Lui rested his hand on his chest. His fingers were placed at the position where his heart was. He turned his head sideways and saw that Li Manni was fast asleep. Her face was blushed from their earlier passionate act which had obviously tired her.

However, he had not. He thought that being with her would make him sleep, but she was wrong… and so was he. It only intensified the emptiness and confusion in his heart which unsettled him. He sat up and gathered his clothes. His hand was fishing for something in his pajamas’ pocket.

Until he felt something hard which abruptly cut his hand.

The bedside lamp was on. The extremely warm, yellow light did not soothe his features. He still looked cold and hard. There was nothing warm about this man that one could find. Compared to four years ago, any tenderness he had had thoroughly vanished.

He took out the thing from the pocket of his clothes with a gentleness that he himself was unaware of.

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