Chapter 251 - Was It Luck?

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Chapter 251: Was It Luck?

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“Doctor, are you telling me you can operate on Rainy? She won’t have to die or leave me?” she asked incoherently. The doctor continued to nod his head. “The child is really one-in-a-million. She is extremely lucky to have not one—but two donors who match her bone marrow. It is a very strange occurrence. There are times when even the biological father or siblings are not a match. To think that she actually has two matching donors.”

“According to the information provided, one of the two is currently abroad so he is out of reach at the moment… while we have made contact with the other donor. Coincidentally, he is a resident in this city. I believe we should be able to operate on Rainy soon to minimize her suffering.”

Xia Ruoxin really didn’t hear anything that the doctor had said after that. She only knew that there’s hope for Rainy. She could be saved. It was an indescribable ecstasy. She was willing to die now if that was what he wanted her to do.

She walked out. Her hands covered her face, and she cried. With her back against the wall, she slid down slowly. Rainy needed not to die anymore. She needed not to die.

When Chu Lui was torturing her, she had not cried this badly. Yet now, she was crying her heart out. There was only so much she could bear. All these while, the pressure had rendered her incapable of breathing.

“Mommy,” a tiny voice called. Xia Ruoxin looked up and saw her daughter’s reddened eyes.

“Mommy, don’t cry… don’t cry.” A pair of small hands tried clumsily to wipe her tears.

“Mommy, are you in pain? It won’t be after I blow.” On Rainy’s beautiful long lashes, strings of tears had gathered rapidly. Xia Ruoxin was obviously the one crying, but Rainy’s cries sounded more heartbroken and pitiful.

Xia Ruoxin embraced her daughter in her arms and patted her shaking shoulders constantly. “Rainy, I will stop crying so you should stop, too. If you continue, you won’t be pretty. Let us stop crying and live with a smile. Shall we?”

Rainy nodded her head as if she understood. She hugged Xia Ruoxin’s neck, eyes blinking. At her tender age, she was sensitive enough to understand something was going on.

She leaned in Xia Ruoxin’s arms with her doll in one hand. It never left her.

The sunlight was not bright. However, through the window’s refraction, it became warmer.

The same sun shone into the building of eighteen floors, throwing a little color into it.

The door opened. A young secretary entered and placed the letters in her hands before a man.

“Mr. President, these are your international mail.” She finished speaking and saw the man waved his hand, and then she took her leave.

The door closed once more with only the man’s fingers hitting the keyboard from time to time. The door opened again a long time later. He remained oblivious because he was really swamped with work today. He was so busy that he didn’t feel like talking or caring about others.

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