Chapter 252 - He Will Save Her

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Chapter 252: He Will Save Her

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The sound of light footsteps approached until the person blocked the light from his eyes. He squinted his eyes gently, and then he continued to look at his computer screen.

A pair of big hands picked up the letters on the table.

“Look, Cousin. It’s an urgent international document.” Du Jingtang sounded surprised. He turned the letter from side to side, put it down, and proceeded to pick it up again. Through it all, Chu Lui never bothered to raise his eyebrows.

“Cousin, can I open it? It’s international and by urgent dispatch.” For someone with an extremely keen sense of curiosity, he could hardly resist the temptation. “Then, I’ll take your silence as your consent.”

Chu Lui remained emotionless. His fingers never stopped moving.

“Oh, you agreed. I understand. I’m going to open it.” He reaffirmed with Chu Lui again. However, Chu Lui was the same. There was no emotion from him for a long time to show that he cared.

“I’m really opening it.” He nagged, unaware of the patience in Chu Lui’s eyes.

“I’m opening it,” he repeated. Still no response after a while. “Okay.” He began to open the letter with great care.

He held the letter in his hand. The content was written in English.

When he was half-way through reading the letter, Du Jingtang’s expression turned somber. He jumped to his feet and pressed down on Chu Lui’s hands whose expression became as dark as the computer screen.

He had spent the whole morning working on it. “Du Jingtang,” he called in an eerie voice, accompanied by a frosty glare. It sent jitters into Du Jingtang.

Mamma mia, he’s so scary.

“Cousin, don’t be upset. Please don’t be upset. Look at this. It’s urgent, too.” He hurriedly placed the letter in front of Chu Lui, waving it before him.

“Cousin, look. This is a matter of life and death. An urgent dispatch from the International Bone Marrow Bank. It says that your bone marrow can save a three-year-old girl. Cousin, are you going to do it?”

Three years old. So young for a child to contract such an illness. To think that his cousin would actually consider donating his bone marrow. He had not thought of his cousin as a human being because Chu Lui did not have any feelings. However, he could be kindhearted, too.

“Cousin, will you go?” He was still doubtful. This was a man who had stepped on others to achieve his success. Would he have a conscience? Judging from how he had treated Xia Ruoxin four years ago, Du Jingtang didn’t think he had it in him to save the little girl.

Chu Lui took over the letter from Du Jingtang’s hand. After one glance, his hand went limp, and he pursed his lips into a line. He had done the body check-up out of boredom when he was studying abroad. He had not thought it would come in handy.

A three-year-old girl.

“Cousin, are you saving her?” Du Jingtang asked again, waiting for his response. Then again, did he really want to know his answer?

“I will.” Chu Lui put the letter down. He continued to type on his computer. There would be no rest for him today. It was only a bone marrow withdrawal. It did not bother him.

“Cousin, you are so full of love. You are my idol. I’m proud of you.” Du Jingtang’s eyes curved into a crescent from his smile. His eyes were shimmering with adoration, and he almost kissed Chu Lui. He had thought that his cousin was a cold-blooded animal, brutal, and emotionless. He never thought Chu Lui would agree to save a life.

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