Chapter 254 - Without Love, Where did Hate Come From?

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Chapter 254: Without Love, Where did Hate Come From?

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He embraced the woman in his arms tighter. He would treat her even better because no one could replace her position in his heart. She would always be the one and only wife of Chu Lui. That woman… would forever be his nemesis.

Under the dim lights, a woman wriggled constantly. Her hands were white and fair, her skin like snow, and she had a slender waistline. The sound of her charming laughter could be heard. This was a world of pleasures. One could have anything as long as one was rich. That included lots and lots of women.

Shen Wei turned her face away. She turned and faced Xia Ruoxin who was sitting across her. Her red lips curled into a smile. “Are you blaming me for not stopping that man when he was taking you out?”

Xia Ruoxin looked up. She finally shook her head. She did not blame anyone, but she couldn’t help herself from feeling sad because she couldn’t force the others to help her or save her. Hadn’t she seen enough of the fickleness of human nature?

“I wish to know if that man is the father of your child.” Shen Wei sat, too. She watched Xia Ruoxin like a hawk for any expression that she might have displayed. True enough, as expected, Xia Ruoxin’s eyes widened.

Shen Wei’s smile was cold. Indeed, she had guessed correctly.

That bitter smile, whether it was from love or not, was a testament that she had loved him. Pain ensued when there was love. However, if it would hurt, why would one love in the first place? One might be better off without it.

“You knew?” Xia Ruoxin felt a burning sensation at the back of her throat.

“I don’t know. I did not know anything. It was a guess.” Shen Wei leaned against her back with her hands on her stomach.

The agony in Xia Ruoxin’s eyes became more intense. “Yes, he is the father of my daughter… but he was not aware of her existence. He is now happily married to a loving wife.

“My daughter is fatherless. She has never known how it feels to have a father. She only knows her mother. There won’t be a father.”

“I see.” While she listened to Xia Ruoxin talking about herself, Shen Wei’s eyelashes fluttered. Then, she closed her eyes.

“Do you hate him?”

“Hate?” Xia Ruoxin’s heart was dead, not to mention hate.

“Tell me. If there is no love, where does the hate come from?”

Shen Wei’s lips parted, and then she turned her head away and rested her face on the softness of the sofa unspeaking.

There was no need to. She had understood everything.

This place had established itself with piles of money. For her, nothing was more real than that. They didn’t need emotions or love. Love would only hurt others and themselves.

Xia Ruoxin stood on her feet. Without knowing the reason, she could feel a deep sorrow from Shen Wei. Like her, Xia Ruoxin’s lips parted before she took her leave.

She looked down and straightened her clothes which might as well have been just a few mere pieces of cloths. She patted her cheeks. She needed to work to earn money. Once Rainy was better, she could stop working here. She could quit this pretentious life.

Sitting in among a group of men, she smiled. It was a habit she had had for a long time. When a man put his hand on her lap, an icy glare was suddenly directed at her.

She looked up and met a pair of gloomy eyes. The man, whose hand was resting on her lap, seemed to feel it, too. He quickly retracted his hand.

Chu Lui. He’s here again.

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