Chapter 256 - If You Give Birth to One, Strangle It

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Chapter 256: If You Give Birth to One, Strangle It

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Xia Ruoxin bit on her lips, enduring the waves of pain in her body. She was afraid of this. She was terrified of it because, for her, it was excruciating.

She closed her eyes helplessly, enduring all the brutality that was given by the man in silence.

“I believe we did not use any protection during our first time.” Chu Lui’s icy accusation said beside her ear. Xia Ruoxin’s body froze.

She bit hard on the back of her hand. The agony in her lower body intensified.

It hurts. It really does.

“If you happen to be pregnant, just abort it. My family—the Chu’s—will never accept a child conceived by you. You’re degrading.” Xia Ruoxin’s eyes widened in disbelief by what he had said. Indeed, she didn’t deserve to bear his child.

“My wife is the only person fit to bear my children. You are just a whore.” He continued to say in a ruthless voice, unperturbed by the pain she was in. However, she did not notice his struggles underneath the cool facade.

Only until he was done did he remove himself from her. “Do you know why I used a condom?” Chu Lui hoisted his pants properly. There was no emotion from him except his dark eyes. He had no resemblance of the person who had just had passionate sex with her.

Xia Ruoxin stood up from the floor. She lowered her head and wore her clothes with shaking hands. Dismal shrouded her eyes; clear evidence that his words had hurt her thoroughly.

“You are filthy. That’s why I only used a condom with you.” Another string of cold and heartless words. He sat by the bed and lit a cigarette.

“Remember: don’t ever think of threatening me with a child.” In a blur, he could see Xia Ruoxin’s body quivered out of the corner of his eye.

“What if the child had been born?” Xia Ruoxin’s head jerked abruptly. A look of desperation flashed in her eyes.

What to do if she has been born? She’s already three years old.

“If that’s the case, I will strangle her myself because she’s a bastard. A bastard that has your filthy blood flowing in her.” Chu Lui threw his cigarette away. He stood up and reached out to grab Xia Ruoxin’s chin. “Mark my words. Do not attempt to threaten me using a child. You will not get anything. Even if you have given birth to one, the child will follow you into hell.

“Moreover…” His tone of voice changed as he placed his hand on her stomach. “I don’t seem to have to worry about this. You are a barren woman. There is no way you can conceive.”

He took out his wallet, extracted a few big notes, and tossed it on Xia Ruoxin like a prostitute. Perhaps in his opinion, Xia Ruoxin was already a woman who everyone despised.

“Get out of here. Don’t dirty my place with your filthy body.” Chu Lui lit another cigarette after he finished speaking. Xia Ruoxin squatted down and picked up the money one by one right in front of him. She had thrown everything about her out of the wind.

A veil of white clouded her eyes. One moment, things looked clear; the next, they weren’t.

Her fingers could not grab anything. They felt weak. She stuffed the money carefully beneath her clothes before she turned and walked out. No one noticed the streak of falling tears which had formed a line at her chin.

He said he would put his daughter in hell with her. A child was innocent. How could he be so cruel? That was his child. His own flesh and blood.

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