Chapter 258 - Why is it Him

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Chapter 258: Why is it Him

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“Miss Xia, you don’t have to feel depressed. We have contacted that bone marrow donor. Very soon, we will be able to operate on Rainy. Everything will be fine. Just hold on for a few more days. It’s only a few days.

“The child’s condition may be serious, but it is within our control.” The doctor tried to put her at ease. However, his words did not comfort Xia Ruoxin’s helplessness or her pale face.

Then, he showed her a piece of document. “Miss Xia, this is the information of the donor. Coincidentally, he is in close proximity to us. You can have a look to understand more.”

He placed the document in front of her before standing up. “He will be here within these few days to do a full-body check-up. So, please do not worry.”

Xia Ruoxin nodded her head numbly as she hugged that document to herself. She lowered her head and flipped to the first page. However, upon seeing the name on it, her face turned deathly white.

Chu Lui. Why is it him? How is this possible?

He was the bone marrow donor for Rainy. Her mind went into a state of chaos, and she couldn’t process the information.

What was this? Heaven’s will?

This was unexpected.

Why was it him?

“Miss Xia, you might have heard of Mr. Chu. After all, he was a well-known entrepreneur in the country, often appearing in business magazines. He has also appeared in a series of interviews and could be considered as a celebrity. To think that a man like him is willing to save a child he has never met. It is rumored that he is a ruthless man. From the looks of it, rumors are rumors. You can’t believe everything you hear.

“Miss Xia…”

The doctor wanted to say more, but Xia Ruoxin had already left… and she left in a hurry.

The doctor kept the documents on the table. He considered it a miracle or even a coincidence. No matter what, this man was Rainy’s lucky star.

As she sat by the bed, Xia Ruoxin fell into a state of daze. Her fingers were caressing her daughter’s tiny face. The doll was still in Rainy’s arms.

“Rainy, did you know that? As it turns out, certain things are meant to be. The one saving you is your father. Rainy, he may not know of your existence, but he will be saving you.”

She did not feel any hate, none at all. Perhaps, she had never hated him.

Now, she could put up with anything as long as her daughter gets to live. What she would lose would only be her life. Her life for her daughter’s; she had not been shortchanged.

Night fell. A man’s panting could be heard from within an apartment, along with a woman’s suppressed cries. When it was over, Xia Ruoxin retrieved her clothes from the floor and wore them under the dimmed lighting.

There was no dignity left for her. She was just a whore. He looked for her when his needs arose. After he was done, he would toss her some money. At her current state, she didn’t need any dignity.

“Take it.” Chu Lui threw a stack of money towards her in distaste. He was clearly disgusted with her, but he couldn’t resist touching her. Thus, he would vent all his anger on her.

He knew it hurt her every time. He wanted her to feel the pain. If she wouldn’t, he would not be happy. He admitted to himself that this was a perverted way of torture. Yet, he had paid her to satisfy him.

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