Chapter 259 - Will You Save Her?

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Chapter 259: Will You Save Her?

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Xia Ruoxin humbly picked up the money on the floor and stuffed them in her clothes under Chu Lui’s icy stare. Below her ashen face, her collar bones could be seen protruding. She was so emaciated that she couldn’t be any thinner.

“I heard you are going to save a little girl. Is it?”

She was standing while he was sitting like he’s the king and she, his lowly slave. She was not even a slave. She’s just a whore.

“News certainly goes around fast. I’m surprised that a woman of your profession knows about it.” Chu Lui reclined lazily in the bed. There was indifference in him that he did not care about. He didn’t think they would react so swiftly. By his estimation, the company’s stock would rise by a hundred points from his action.

“Will you save her? I heard that child is only three years old.” Xia Ruoxin lowered her head. She asked carefully with her hands clasped tightly together. She was terrified he wouldn’t save Rainy. The doctor had reassured her again and again, and Chu Lui had also given his consent. Nonetheless, she remained terrified. She had only one daughter. She was afraid that there would be changes to her one and only chance.

“Does this concern you?” Chu Lui’s eyebrows rose slightly. “If the child is related to you in any way, I won’t save her. Anyone related to someone like you is filthy,” he said in a matter-of-fact manner. No one could tell which of his words were true and which were on pretense.

Xia Ruoxin’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. She hurriedly shook her head. “How can this concern me? I just pity the child.”

She turned around and straightened herself from the waist up, but her back was slightly rigid. Rainy was truly a pitiful child. Even her own mother did not want anyone to know of her existence.

She gripped the money tight and ran with all her might. The cold wind cut at her skin. It hurt achingly.

Chu Lui sat up and reached out to touch that metal box in his shirt pocket. He instantly felt a gloom. Why? He had gotten what he wanted, and she was humiliated. Yet, he did not feel happy.

He laid on his back and closed his eyes. A vision of teary eyes surfaced in his mind. He obviously knew that was fake, but it still bothered him. He had not expected it.

The mobile phone at his side started ringing. He picked it up and saw Li Manni’s name on the screen. A wave of guilt swept past his eyes. It seemed recently he had neglected her too much.

“Lui, where are you? Busy?” Li Manni’s sweet voice rang in his ears. She did not reprimand or grumble at him. On the contrary, she was always understanding. Because of this, Chu Lui had doted and loved her for all these years.

“Nothing. It’s been busier recently. I will come back soon.” His tone was still cold and hard, but it had somewhat softened.

He set his mobile phone down and lay down again with his hands on his chest. He briefly closed his eyes which were filled with confusion. Maybe he should put an end to what he had with Xia Ruoxin. He should have been over with her body a long time ago. She was, after all, just a woman.

There was no fondness between them that he could recall. Besides, she was a promiscuous woman.

Then again, why did he feel so empty? Was it because his heart was no longer with him?

He didn’t want to think or look into it.

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