Chapter 261 - Split Personality

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Chapter 261: Split Personality

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Needless to say. She would be the first to brace that anger.

Du Jingtang threw the folders down. He checked the time and realized he could knock off. Their great CEO was already gone for the day so naturally, he would not stay. Besides, that person was still waiting for him.

He shrugged his aching shoulders, put his hands into his pockets, and dashingly left. All the female employees in the company have been trying to gain Du Jingtang’s attention. He was the deputy CEO and the cousin of the Chu Enterprise’s CEO. He was young, handsome, and extremely gentle as well. Compared to the cold Chu Lui, Du Jingtang was the company’s only diamond bachelor. The most important thing was he was single and available, and so the female employees’ attentions were on him all day long.

If only they knew that their so-called diamond bachelor had no interest in women but men. He was looking for a boyfriend, not a girlfriend. He wondered if they would be shocked and heartbroken when they find out.

Du Jingtang fiddled with his long fingers in the car. He looked thoughtfully at the man sitting beside him. The man looked more handsome than him and taller. It’s just unbearable.

“You should go home and ask your mother why she gave birth to a normal person like you.” Dong Fangjing’s arms were crossed at his chest as he teased Du Jingtang. He merely raised his eyebrows when he saw the loathing look in Du Jingtang’s eyes.

It was not his fault for being good-looking. However, being ugly was definitely Du Jingtang’s fault.

“Dong Fangjing!” Du Jingtang roared. “Do not mention my mother. You know she’s the one I feared the most,” he warned in a low voice followed by a deadly glare.

“Today, I want to be the one giving. Not receiving.” He turned away. Why must he always be the one to bottom? He was emotionally unbalanced. He wanted to be the one on top this time. Did he really look like he could be bullied?

Dong Fangjing scrutinized his body thoughtfully. “Fine.” The corners of his lips curled into a playful smile. If that was what he wanted, he should have it.

“Hey, Dong Fangjing.” Du Jingtang obviously did not notice the distracted look on Dong Fangjing’s face. He was completely helpless against the scheming Dong Fangjing.

“What?” There was a faint smile on Dong Fangjing’s lips. A little, light smile. It could be described as beautiful. He was a man born with a woman’s features; yet, he was masculine. One could even say that he was born perfect.

“Tell me. Will a woman, who is always kind and perfect in everyone’s eyes, reveal her cunning side?” Du Jingtang propped his hand under his chin as he recalled the look of jealousy on Li Manni’s face. He shuddered at the image.

It would not be strange if that was anyone else. However, this was his cousin-in-law who had been nothing but kind. Perhaps, there really was another side to a human being. A dual character with a split personality. It would truly be terrifying.

“There are two possibilities. One: you saw wrongly.” Dong Fangjing crossed his arms at his chest, analyzing for this simple and direct man. He narrowed his eyes. “And two…

“She was never a good person to begin with. What you saw was only the surface. No one is perfect in this world. The more flawless she is, the more issues she has.”

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