Chapter 262 - You Talk Too Much

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Chapter 262: You Talk Too Much

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Du Jingtang touched his forehead. Was that really the case?

“Wait.” His eyes suddenly widened when he saw a tiny frame, and he hurriedly opened the car door. It’s that kid. Was he mistaken? Dong Fangjing watched him alight and followed behind him. Actually, he saw the child way before Du Jingtang did.

“Rainy?” Du Jingtang called tentatively at the child wearing a small sun hat. Rainy turned around and saw the uncle who she recognized with one look. Her tiny face broke into a shy smile.

“Uncle.” The sweet voice sounded like a honeycomb, and it warmed Du Jingtang’s heart. It was such a pleasant sound. “It’s me, baby. You remembered me.” He walked over and carried the little toddler.

However, he frowned in surprise. “Baby, haven’t you been eating lately? Why have you become so light?” He could carry her easily with one hand. She was heavier the last time he carried her. How could she lose so much weight? Children should become heavier as they grew. But, this one was light as a feather.

Rainy stared with her big, round eyes, making her face look even smaller. “I can’t eat.” She lowered her head and clutched her doll tightly. “If I eat, I will vomit it out very quickly.”

“Baby, why are you wearing a hat? The sun is not that strong.” Du Jingtang looked at the sky strangely as it did not sting his eyes. Why has the little one put on a hat so early in the morning? Her father sure has a weird view of beauty.

As he spoke, he reached out for Rainy’s hat. However, she held it down tightly with both hands. No matter what, she would not loosen her grip.

“Uncle, don’t look. I’m ugly.” She pouted her tiny mouth with both her hands covering her head.

“Come, it’s okay. Let me take a look. Just a peek.” Du Jingtang coaxed her. Did she cut her hair short, and she didn’t look good in it? He recalled the first time he saw her. She looked so adorable like a doll, all soft and tender. No, she was originally a doll.

“NO!” Rainy started struggling. It scared Du Jingtang, and he quickly put her down, afraid he would hurt her unintentionally.

The moment her feet touched the ground, she raced forward, looking for her mother. No one should see her head.

“Baby, please run slower. You might fall.” Du Jingtang was worried about Rainy’s short and thin legs. He wondered if they could support her body.

Did he look that scary that she had to run this fast?

Rainy continued to run. The wind was blowing at her hat. She loosened her grip, and the hat flew behind her. She turned around; tears gathered and glistened on her long eyelashes. Du Jingtang saw her head. There was no hair. She was a little baldy.

Oh god, how could this happen?

How could her family shave her head bald? She looked ugly.

There was disdain in Du Jingtang’s eyes. To Rainy who was extremely sensitive, it broke her heart. She blinked her eyes. In an instant, tears trickled down her face. It made one’s heart ached for her.

“Oh, I didn’t.” Du Jingtang panicked. He tried to explain, but the child was long gone.

“The little one looks more beautiful than your mother.” The young hair stylist’s eyes teared up. He reached out and touched Rainy’s bald hair. The little girl smiled coyly and threw herself into Xia Ruoxin’s arms.

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