Chapter 263 - Is She Ugly?

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Chapter 263: Is She Ugly?

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“You are stupid, and you talk too much. She didn’t want you to see, but you insisted. You even showed that kind of expression when you saw it. You deserved to be hated and misunderstood.” Dong Fangjing wanted to kick Du Jingtang. There was a serious look on his face which he seldom had. It’s a pity for such a beautiful child. Then again, she looked adorable with a bald head, too. She is blessed with her good looks.

“Oh, I know it’s my fault.” Du Jingtang lowered his head, dejected. He pointed his fingertips together. The next time, he would be sure to apologize to the little one.

Rainy cowered at the corner of a wall until the car was out of her sight. Then, she got on her feet. Mommy. She hugged herself tightly and looked at her empty hands in grievance. She wanted her Dolly and her mummy.

Xia Ruoxin picked up the tiny sun hat from the ground. The doll was in her hand. She had gone back for it. Rainy had forgotten her doll when she was trying on the hat.

Rainy couldn’t live without her doll so she had to go back for it herself. Her child was unwilling to let people see her, which was why she had told Rainy to stand at a place within her view. Then, she went back for the doll.

A tiny part of the pink dress stuck out from the edge of the wall. She knew her daughter was hiding there. Ever since she was sick, Rainy had become even more sensitive.

She clutched the doll in her hands and walked closer until she saw the little bald head. She paused in her steps. Rainy was cowering in the corner of the wall like an abandoned kitten. She sniffed her little nose from time to time, and her eyes were red. She had clearly cried.

“Mommy… Dolly…” Xia Ruoxin could hear her tiny voice constantly calling out for her doll and herself.

She squatted and put the doll into her daughter’s arms. Once it was there, Rainy looked down and realized it was her doll. Her eyes became redder, and she clutched it tightly.

“Mommy.” She stood up, and she threw her wobbly body into Xia Ruoxin’s arms.

“Mommy, am I very ugly? Uncle doesn’t like me anymore.” Xia Ruoxin embraced her daughter’s tiny frame, not knowing which ‘Uncle’ she was talking about. However, she understood what her daughter was trying to say. The little girl could tell the difference between beautiful and ugly.

“My Rainy is the most beautiful girl.” She put the hat carefully on her daughter’s head and caressed her little face that had a major weight loss. Her child was never fat, but now, she looked much thinner. Her face was losing its fat rapidly, making it looked even smaller.

“I’m not?” Rainy had one hand around her doll and the other touching the hat on her head. She knew that right now, she could not pleat her hair or wear a pretty butterfly knot. Would she still look good having her head bald like this?

“You are sick. Your hair will grow soon.” Xia Ruoxin kissed her daughter’s face, and then she took her little hand in hers. “I’m bringing you to a place. You will realize that you are a beautiful child.”

Rainy nodded her head gently. She had her doll in one hand and the other in Xia Ruoxin’s. Her steps were slow. The small sun hat blocked her face partially, making her look exceptionally pretty. Some passers-by even stared at her frequently, which caused her to lower her head further and further. People were clearly complimenting her for her beauty, but to her right now, they were saying that she was ugly.

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