Chapter 265 - Who wouldn’t Know How to Smile

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Chapter 265: Who wouldn’t Know How to Smile

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She was still beautiful, and the uncle did not dislike her.

“Thank you.” Xia Ruoxin carried her daughter and bowed to the hairstylist. Then, she put the hat on Rainy’s head again.

It wasn’t scary for a child to be bald. However, for a woman—especially a grown woman, she would attract all the attention and received contemptuous looks. Nonetheless, Xia Ruoxin remained smiling. Whenever she saw Rainy’s adorable face, she would smile in tenderness. In her arms was another bald girl.

Her child had exquisite features and gentle nature. Then again, she had no hair.

Shen Wei turned her head. She was in a daze from admiring the drastic change of hairstyle in Xia Ruoxin. It looked unnatural and weird on her. However, she had a beautiful face so there was not much effect.

“You are wearing a new hairstyle today?” she asked plainly. There was no mention of what had happened between Xia Ruoxin and Chu Lui. Like she said, she would use her story in exchange for another story. Other than that, she would not question anything.

“No.” Xia Ruoxin shook her head and pulled the wig off of her head, showing the baldness on it. “I didn’t get a haircut. I have no hair.” She wore the wig again. Shen Wei raised an eyebrow but did not show any surprise.

“You are pretty-looking bald, too. Mmm, this hairstyle actually suits you, too.” She did not ask further. She only cared about herself. She would decide what was good or bad for herself because she knew best. As for the others, it would not help her even if she spared another glance.

“Thank you.” Xia Ruoxin smiled faintly. There was sadness in her smile. When she thought of her daughter, another smile lit her face. She knew it was worth it.

“That man is here.” Shen Wei stood up and walked out. The smile on Xia Ruoxin’s face faltered, and she could bitterness in her mouth. If she would as much as think or hear about him, there’s the bitterness.

It was really bitter.

The man’s gloomy face approached closer with each step. She closed her eyes. Soon, a pang of pain shot through her arm.

She was getting used to this pain, getting used ignoring them. She did not struggle or scream.

“Xia Ruoxin, I have paid for you. Must you show me a bitter face?” Chu Lui’s cold voice rang by her ear. He hated seeing her looking at him like this. It made him feel like a demon.

Deep down, he knew that he was one.

He had used everything within his power and ruined this woman without any mercy. From her mind to her body, every part of her was covered in wounds. It was the same four years ago and now.

Xia Ruoxin opened her eyes, and a faint smile appeared on her lips. However, that smile remained bitter.

She smiled. He wanted her to smile; she would. He might not have known that Rainy was his daughter. However, as long as he could save her, he could have her life, too.

It was only a smile; a movement of the facial muscles. Who wouldn’t know how to smile?

She was not one who would sell her smile and her body to begin with.

“You are truly ugly.” Chu Lui hated her bitter smile on her face. He clenched his hands tight, afraid that he would strike her.

He hated her like this; hated the half-dead expression. He wanted her to submit and have her love. He wanted her to love him like she had four years ago. She had loved him with her life until she had lost herself and was willing to do anything for him. This love. Chu Lui thought and shuddered violently. His lips curled. What use did he have for that love?

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