Chapter 301 - He Didn’t Help

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Chapter 301: He Didn’t Help

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She struggled to reach her hand out and hugged Chu Lui’s leg tightly.

“Don’t leave, I beg you. Save her, save her…”


Chu Lui was extremely anxious now. He turned and kicked Xia Ruoxin with no mercy.

For a woman who was bone-skinny, this kick was so painful it made her tremble in pain continuously, but she still stretched her hand out. In the rain, her cracked voice seemed helpless and damp.

“Chu Lui, she’s your daughter, your daughter. How could you not save her? How could you?”

“It’s none of my business whose daughter she is. Her life and death is none of my business. Even if she’s yours, she must have been from one of your partners.”

Chu Lui said ruthlessly, without hearing what she was saying. His ears were buzzing with noise, and the source of this noise was Xia Ruoxin. He opened his door, blocking Xia Ruoxin out.

The car started, and the dirt water splattered and landed on Xia Ruoxin’s already-dirty body.

“Chu Lui, you will regret this. How could you be so heartless? You won’t even save your own daughter. You’re not human, not human. I hate you. I hate you…”

Xia Ruoxin clenched her hands tightly, screaming loudly towards the direction the car had disappeared in.

This was the first time she understood hatred towards someone. She hated him, and she would do so until she dies.

She laid on the ground; her cries that were covered by the rain still as mournful.

In the car, Li Manni seemed to have fallen asleep. Chu Lui covered Li Manni with his clothes carefully. He looked at the car steadily, but his hand was between his eyebrows.

What did Xia Ruoxin say just now, and what did he answer?

He had no recollection at all.

He shook his head vigorously, refusing to think about the woman who was disturbing his thoughts. She must have been using the child to get close to him to get more money. She was always that type of woman. There was no doubt about it.

She even made use of a child that was almost dying. What a wicked woman.

He freed a hand and placed it on Li Manni’s face, his thoughts quieting down. The rain outside grew heavier.

He turned around again and focused his vision in front. Other than the unending rain, there were only the cars that he overtook one by one, his car going extremely fast. He did not realize that Li Manni had already opened her eyes. She turned her head, and only she herself knew what expression was showing on her face at that time.

It was glee and satisfaction.

She was not to blame for being cruel. That child should not exist in this world. It was Chu Lui’s child so she must die. If not, how would she have a peaceful life? Of course, the child’s death wasn’t her fault.

She died due to her illness.

She closed her eyes again, smelling the scent that made her feel at ease on Chu Lui’s clothes. She could finally sleep because it was safe here and would be safer in the future.

When they reached home, Chu Lui carefully carried Li Manni towards the kitchen. At this time, Li Manni woke up at the perfect time.

She sat up and hugged Chu Lui’s waist tightly. “Lui, I want to leave this place. I’m scared.” She drew her body into Chu Lui’s embrace, feeling as if she would not be able to live if they were apart.

So scared, so fearful.

“Where do you want to go?” Chu Lui instinctively hugged her body close, wanting to give her warmth.

“Lui, I’m scared that the baby will be in danger. I want to go overseas to keep the baby safe. Let’s come back when the baby is healthy, okay?”

Chu Lui’s body stiffened, and then his lips parted slightly.


A single ‘okay’ determined everything as well as the fate of several people.

The rain outside continued falling as if starting its endless shower.

Xia Ruoxin let all the rainwater pour on herself. She laid there silently, the rainwater washing away the dirt on her face, revealing a pale, blank, and empty face.

All the cars and people passed by in a blur. Some took a second look at her, but the rain was really heavy. From a distance, everything was turning blurred.

“I hate you… Chu Lui… I hate you…”

Her pale lips screamed silently from time to time. The hate made her unable to withstand anything. She stood up slowly, her clothes looking nothing like what it once was, drenched… and so was her heart.

The woman now was even worse than a beggar.

She looked into the distance. The dazed eyes had finally become empty. Someone told her how she could live on without Rainy.

She continued to walk forwards, the rain dripping on her face and running down her chin.

She placed her hand on her chest. It was really painful. She wasn’t sure if it was because she was going to lose her daughter or because she was kicked in the chest by Chu Lui.

She did not stop a step. She did not want to move an inch, but she was still moving. She wanted to see her daughter, her Rainy.

She did not know how long she took to reach the hospital. Her feet left a trail of water behind her, making the hospital floor wet, but she couldn’t care less. She walked forwards as if she had lost her soul, towards a single direction a distance away.

“Miss Xia, what’s wrong? Why are you so drenched?” A nurse asked the distressed woman with care. Could the clothes on her even be considered clothes? It was as if she had rolled around in the mud.

Xia Ruoxin walked towards Rainy’s room as if she did not hear it. She wanted to see her daughter so much.

“Miss Xia, you’ll scare Rainy like this,” the nurse said hurriedly behind her. The child was very sensitive. At times, just the smallest action or expression from Xia Ruoxin would affect the child’s sensitive heart, and she was still sick.

Upon hearing Rainy’s name, a dim light seemed to appear in her empty eyes. She placed her hand on her face, but she could not feel her own warmth.

Yes, she would make Rainy scared… and cold. She needs to change her clothes. Change her clothes.

She turned around hurriedly and walked past the nurse. The nurse stared at Xia Ruoxin’s impatient back, her face darkening slightly. If Rainy did not survive… then, this Miss Xia would really go crazy.

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