Chapter 305 - She Just Fell Asleep

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Chapter 305: She Just Fell Asleep

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“Don’t be naughty, Rainy. The sun is shining on your little ass now. You’re not a good kid anymore if you don’t wake up soon.” She placed her hand against her daughter’s cheeks, patting occasionally.

“I’ll really finish your cake if you don’t wake up soon,” She continued, but Rainy did not seem like she would wake up anytime soon. Her eyelids remained unmoving.

As if she would never wake up again.

The nurses entered in succession, and when they saw the unmoving child in Xia Ruoxin’s arms, they all turned around, not bearing to watch.

That child, that cute and beautiful Rainy, she was…

“Rainy, don’t be such a naughty child. Mommy will really spank your bottom.” She placed her hand against her daughter’s bottom but smiled in the end. “See, how could Mommy bear to hit you? You’re the most obedient child.”

She was still smiling, but the tears kept falling down onto her daughter’s lifeless face. She did not believe that she had lost her daughter. No, she couldn’t believe that Rainy was dead.

“Rainy, be a good child and open your eyes to look at Mommy, okay?” She cradled her daughter’s cheeks with her hand, calling her daughter’s name from time to time.

“Rainy, how can I live without you? You said that you loved Mommy the most, right? How could you leave your mother now? See, you’re making Mommy’s eyes all painful.”

She shook her daughter’s small body, trying to shake her awake; but the child in her arms seemed to have no sign of life.

The doctor couldn’t bear to watch further and approached them, reaching his hand out again. “Miss Xia, leave Rainy to me, alright? You’re tired, too.”

Xia Ruoxin shook her head. “No, I won’t let you take my daughter away. She’s mine, she’s mine. She only has this mother.”

Xia Ruoxin avoided the doctor’s hand and stood up with Rainy in her arms. She knocked past the doctors and nurses with her body and ran outside with Rainy. She would not let them touch her daughter, absolutely not.

“Hurry up and chase them. She could harm herself or someone else,” the doctor shouted hastily. This woman had gone crazy. She couldn’t accept the fact that her daughter had passed, and now she had really gone mad.

Xia Ruoxin kept running around the hospital until she passed by an empty ward. She ducked inside and closed the door. She sat on the floor and used her back to press against the door.

“Don’t be scared, Rainy. Mommy will protect you. I won’t let anyone harm you.” She hugged the small body in her arms tightly, unwilling to listen to the shouts at the door.

“Don’t be scared, Rainy. They are all bad people. They’ll be gone soon. See, Mommy is here. You’re tired, right? Mommy will hug you to sleep, okay?”

She hugged her daughter and stood up, but her body swayed for a moment. She immediately used her hand to support her daughter, even though her back slammed hard into the door handle. She did not care for herself because she did not feel hurt. Her heart was numb, and so was her body.

She put Rainy down on the bed and covered her tightly with a blanket.

“Rainy, tell me, are you still cold? Mommy will give you another blanket, okay?” She said as she took out another blanket and laid it on top of Rainy. She put her hand on her daughter’s cold face, stroking her constantly.

“Rainy, are you still cold?” She laid against the bed, looking at the unmoving body. All of a sudden, she broke down. She hugged her daughter tightly, her repressed cries filling the air.

Her daughter was cold. What should she do? Why couldn’t she make her warm again? Why couldn’t she wake her up? Why, why?

At this time, the doctors and nurses at the door were anxious, but the door was locked from the inside. They couldn’t open it.

Who built this, making it possible for the hospital rooms to be locked from the inside?

The doctor howled furiously. He twisted the lock repeatedly, but the door did not budge an inch.

The more he couldn’t open it, the more cold sweat appeared on his head and rolled down his face. The woman inside had already lost her mind. If anything happened, they might lose two lives instead.

“Here, here, the key is here.” The young nurse’s face was red from running. She handed over the keys to the doctor hurriedly. The doctor took hold of the keys and opened the door immediately. He twisted it and pushed forcefully.

The door opened to the sound of Xia Ruoxin’s heartbreaking cries and the sight of the unmoving child on the bed.

Looking at them and hearing the woman’s pitiful cries, the doctor’s heart ached for them.

“Miss Xia, please don’t do this. Rainy’s already…” He didn’t know how to continue to sentence. He could only approach cautiously, but Xia Ruoxin did not hear a single word. She only caressed Rainy’s cold face from time to time.

Her tears fell onto the child’s colorless face drop by drop.

Her daughter didn’t die. How could her Rainy die? She said yesterday that she wanted to eat the cake. She liked the cake from that shop so much so how could she leave without eating it?

The doctor gave a look to nurses, ready to pull Xia Ruoxin away. The nurses nodded in understanding and inched forward slowly.

Suddenly, the doctor raised his hand and stared at the child on the bed weirdly.

Only to see the child’s long eyelashes flutter slightly like a fan. Her mouth twitched as if she was very uncomfortable. It was only a small movement, but the doctor noticed it.

Could it be that they had misunderstood, that Rainy was just overly fatigued and had fallen asleep?

Xia Ruoxin bent over Rainy and hugged her closely, not letting anyone get close to her daughter. She cried and cried.

Rainy’s hand twitched slightly, and her eyes opened slowly. She looked around strangely and then looked at the doctor and the nurses. They were all shell-shocked.

The child lived. Perhaps she wasn’t even dead, or perhaps she couldn’t bear to leave her mother.

“Mommy, you’re hugging me so tightly.” A soft childish voice said, and Xia Ruoxin’s heart trembled suddenly. She let go of the child in her arms immediately, only to see Rainy’s moist and bright eyes staring widely and her mouth parting slightly in discomfort.

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